Online Food Travel Summit
April 9-10, 2015

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Do This Not That: Crafting a Foodie Destination
Margaret Jeffares, Executive Director
Good Food Ireland
Dublin, Ireland


    Good Food Ireland (GFI) is the country’s premium collection of leading restaurants, hotels, cookery schools, shops, pubs, cafes and food producers who are all passionately committed to local Irish food and highlighting Ireland’s food culture. Founded by Margaret Jeffares in 2006, GFI has grown to become a unique trusted resource for good food holidays, eating out, learning to cook or for buying the very best Irish food produce. Margaret built the brand for GFI’s members by combining the agriculture/food and tourism/hospitality sectors, with solid visibility opportunities such as events, a robust website and online shop, a culinary touring map, and solid strategic partnerships. Margaret will share her challenges and successes, with relevance to businesses and destinations around the world.

    Bottom line: Whether you work for a small business seeking exposure or a tourism office with members or constituents, you’ll learn some of the do’s and dont’s inherent in building a destination food branding campaign.


    Good Food Ireland is the vision of Margaret Jeffares who, having worked in the Tourism industry for almost 20 years, identified a major gap in the market for the development of a strong food tourism proposition for the island of Ireland.

    Through her hands on experience in international marketing Margaret recognised that the visitor to Ireland was beginning to look for restaurants and quality food experiences. At the same time she was aware that many restaurants and accommodation providers were in need of standout and recognition for their longstanding commitment to using local food. Farming in Ireland also at this time had its own challenges and many farmers were looking for diversification and new value added opportunities. Margaret believed that if she could steer visitors to those places committed to local food not only would it drive business for the tourism hospitality sector, who in turn would buy more Irish food, it would also create previously unexplored opportunities in tourism for farmers, food producers and fishermen.

    From her farm in Co Wexford Margaret set about creating an all island brand standard that would become the consumer facing endorsement, the core of the offer and the uniting force for food providers. She developed a set of standards based around the values of rewarding, inspiring and new Irish ingredient led experiences.


Getting Started as a Food/Drink Tour Operator
Shane Kost
Founder, Food Tour Pros
Chicago, Illinois, USA


    You wouldn’t expect it, but there is a formula for success in creating and growing a food tour business. But where do you start and what resources are available to those new to this industry? Shane is a pro at this – and started an entire company built around helping people prepare to get into the food tour business. He’ll explain the who, what, why, where and how of food tour companies, how to food/drink tour operators can best work with destinations and suppliers, and what resources are available to newcomers and pros alike.

    Bottom line: If you’ve been curious about starting and running a food tour company, this session is for you.

    Note: If you are purchasing the playback of this session, due to a technical glitch, the sound did not record in the first 27 minutes of the session (but the video and slides did record). The full Q&A session is fully audible. The total session length is 52 minutes (so Q&A lasts 25 minutes).


    Shane started the Chicago Food Planet Food Tours in 2006 after successful start-ups including a bag apparel manufacturing business and an indoor/outdoor dÈcor lighting company, which he sold. Shane started Food Tour Pros in 2009 to help industrious individuals start and operate their own Food Tour businesses in cities and town across the globe. Shane has been a featured speaker at industry events including IACP, TasteTrekkers and Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance. Shane has traveled to over 40 countries and starting in 2009, he drove a motorcycle from Chicago, IL to Patagonia, Argentina, covering more than 30,000 miles as part of his ongoing culinary and educational efforts.


Peer to Peer Dining: It’s All the Rage
Evelyne White
Founder & CEO,
New York, NY, USA and Brussels, Belgium


    What better way to experience a new cuisine and a new city than with a local? The sharing economy continues to grow, thanks to peer to peer lodging services like Airbnb and HomeStay. New on the scene are innovative sites that let you eat with a local too. BookALokal connects foodie travelers with local residents who provide authentic food experiences – from home-cooked dinners, to cooking class, food tours, wine pairings and more. The site vets each host to ensure you’re in good hands and takes a commission on each booking. Evelyne will talk about this trend and how destinations can prepare to partake.

    Bottom line: Peer to peer dining is a new trend as identified in the World Food Travel Association’s 2015 FoodTrekking Monitor. Learn what it is and how to take advantage of it.


    Evelyne White is the founder and CEO of BookaLokal, a social dining marketplace where food-lovers can browse and book culinary events hosted by locals in 45 countries. Evelyne launched Bookalokal in October 2012 while living in Brussels, Belgium. Two years later, thousands of guests have connected with 600+ hosts around the world.

    Before launching into entrepreneurship, Evelyne worked in investment banking and private equity in New York and across Europe. Evelyne studied harp and politics at Oberlin College and received an MBA from Harvard Business School. Follow her on twitter here.


Sustainability in Food Tourism
Erik Wolf, Executive Director
World Food Travel Association
Portland, OR, USA


    What’s the next big thing in food and drink tourism? Sustainability of course. Many businesses and destinations in the food, drink, travel and hospitality worlds have learned how food and drink can be attractions to lure more visitors. But more visitors means more wasted food and trash. Food tourism industry founder Erik will explain some of the issues and opportunities for both traveling foodies and businesses to consider.

    Just added! Special guest speaker Christine Mackay from Travelers Against Plastic!

    Bottom line: How businesses and destinations can reduce food and packaging waste to comply with environmental laws, while gaining a competitive edge as a better steward of our planet.


    Erik Wolf is the visionary founder of the world’s food tourism industry. He is a highly sought speaker, thought leader, strategist and consultant, in the US and abroad, on food and drink tourism issues, and is considered the go-to food tourism industry resource for media outlets that have included CNN, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, NBC, GQ, Forbes,, Huffington Post, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Arirang Korea, Sky Media (UK) and many more. Erik also advises to UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network gastronomy program.


Case Study: Indonesia as an Emerging Foodie Destination
Amanda Niode, Executive Director
Omar Niode Foundation
Jakarta, Indonesia


    Many people don’t realize it but Indonesia is one of the most populated countries on Earth. It is also an enormous landmass, spread out among 13,000+ islands. It’s also located in a climatic zone where the country can grow and produce a large number of food and drink products. Often regarded as a surf and sun destination, Indonesia has recognized its need to be more competitive with tourism. One way it can do so is to promote its truly unique cuisine. Indonesia has just started taking the steps necessary to put this emerging food travel destination on the map. We will look at the tactics and strategies of Indonesia as a case study for nascent food and drink tourism industries in other areas.

    Bottom line: Emerging destinations sometimes need a little push in the right direction and inspiration how to start marketing their food and drink as attractions for visitors. Indonesia is a great case study with lessons applicable to other emerging destinations.


    Amanda Katili Niode is the Chair of Omar Niode Foundation (, a non-profit organization working to raise awareness of the quality of education and human resources in the field of agriculture, food, and culinary arts.

    Amanda holds a PhD degree from the School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. She received her undergraduate degree from the School of Life Sciences and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia.

    Amanda Katili Niode is a Certified Culinary Travel Professional and a Certified Ambassador for Indonesia at the World Food Travel Association.

    She is an avid food and travel blogger who regularly organizes and participates in food travel events and informs the general public on the importance of local food production and consumption to help preserve the environment.


Reinventing Specialty Food & Drink Sales & Marketing
Preston Zeller, Chief Marketing Officer
Vancouver, WA, USA


    It’s not easy getting locally-produced and specialty food and drink products to market, not just to consumers, but to businesses like hotels and convention centers too. Among other things, certain infrastructural and logistical issues need to be overcome. SavorSearch is a new product designed to help sellers of specialty foods get their products into markets faster and cheaper than how they do it today, while at the same time helping buyers find those specialty food and drink products and curate their relationships with sellers in a way that saves them both time and money.

    Bottom line: The discovery and procurement process of specialty food and drink products needs a major fix. Learn about how this game-changing product does just that.


    Preston Zeller joined the World Food Travel Association’s sister company, SavorSearch, in the Fall of 2014 as the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. He has extensive experience in marketing with several startups, as well as consulting for larger companies in the medical and personal finance industries.


Wellness & Food: Perfect Partners
Camille Hoheb, Founder
Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW)
Los Angeles, CA, USA


    Camille Hoheb, founder of Wellness Tourism Worldwide, will discuss healthy food trends in airports, airlines and hotels as well as give examples of destinations that show case their local food culture enhancing well-being for both traveler and host community. More than a source of sustenance, food offers physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and environmental well-being. Find out why “Breaking Bread with Wellness is one of the top trends for both food and wellness tourism. This information packed presentation is aimed at tour operators, travel agents, meeting planners, bloggers, writers and every person interested in the mega-opportunities of food and wellness travel.

    Bottom line: Wellness in food tourism is a new trend as identified in our 2015 FoodTrekking Monitor. Learn what it is and how to take advantage of it.


    Known for her engaging blend of knowledge and enthusiasm, Camille is committed to raising the level of well-being around the world. Through her work, she facilitates greater awareness of life/work balance, happiness, health and productivity through vacation travel. Camille heads Wellness Tourism Worldwide (WTW) empowering travel businesses to improve the well-being of their guests leading to sustained economic growth and personal and professional engagement. Travel agents, tour operators, hotels, resorts, associations and tourism boards turn to Camille as a trusted, objective and knowledgeable resource for wellness tourism education, research, training, business development and promotion.


Wrapping it for Take-Away
Adnan Nawaz, News Presenter
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
London, England, United Kingdom


    Globally recognized BBC news presenter Adnan Nawaz will summarize the presentations heard in the Online Food Travel Summit and offer his interpretation of their common thread and inspire attendees to move forward. Attendees will be given the opportunity for a robust Questions & Answers session so come prepared to ask our globally renowned newscaster all of your questions!


    Adnan has worked for the BBC since 1992. Until 2000, he worked in radio sport, producing a multitude of documentaries and live sports programmes, as well as reporting from international sporting events such as the 1998 FIFA World Cup and 1999 World Athletics Championships. In 2000, he became a presenter for BBC TV Sportsnews, the department responsible for providing sports input into BBC News bulletins, on BBC 1, the BBC’s 24 hour rolling news channel and also BBC World News. He presented bulletins on all of these outlets, as well as served as the main news anchor at events such as Wimbledon, Euro 2004, the 2006 FIFA World Cup and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In 2009, he simultaneously worked for TV Sportsnews and reading news bulletins on BBC World News and after a few years of doing both, he made a permanent move from Sport to News, thus completing a full circle of his career in broadcasting, returning to current affairs, where his career began in the early 1990s as a freelancer at BBC World Service Radio.


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