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The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) was founded in 2003 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) and today is regarded as the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism. Every year, the Association serves a community of nearly 200,000+ professionals in 150 countries.  We have introduced every major innovation enjoyed by our industry.

We are experts in culinary place making, a powerful tool for economic development. We work with industry partners to leverage food and beverage to create a strong sense of place, thereby increasing visitor arrivals; destination brand equity; and export demand for their area's food and beverage products. 

Our Mission

To preserve and promote the awareness of culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism.

Our Vision

We strive to serve as the world's leading hub of innovation and excellence in, and knowledge for, the food and beverage tourism industry cluster.

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"It Doesn't Cost the World to Save the World"©

We invite any consumers or trade professionals to champion any of the causes below to spread awareness and work together towards solutions to some of our food and beverage tourism industry's most critical issues. Please get in touch if your business, organization or destination is interested in sponsoring any of these initiatives or partnering with us on them.

Support Culinary Heritage & Authenticity

Kathmandu Nepal

We support the ongoing education of food loving travelers to respect culinary heritage and authenticity, and to protect food cultures around the world. 

Keeping It Real: What’s Behind Your Search For Culinary Authenticity?

Heritage Cuisine: Preserving Culinary Traditions


cooking class

We support the ongoing education of food loving travelers about the importance of leveraging food and drink to cultivate cross-cultural understanding and ultimately, peace among different peoples around the world.

Eight Great Gastrodiplomacy Nations

Gastrodiplomacy: Cooking Up A Tasty Lesson On War And Peace

Reduce Food & Beverage Packaging Waste

plastic waste

We support industry advocates who educate food loving travelers to reduce the volume of food and beverage packaging waste that they generate.

ABTA's Make Holidays Greener Campaign

Egregious Examples of Excessive Packaging

Organizations With Aligned Goals

Travelers Against Plastic
ABTA Make Holidays Greener