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Agriculture & Rural

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Lisa Chase

Practice Area Chair

Mission Statement

The mission of the Agriculture & Rural practice area is to observe and analyze the relationships among agriculture, rural areas, and tourism, and to advance thought leadership in this area.

The seeds of cuisine are in agriculture. Without protecting and investing in agriculture and rural experiences, our industry loses an important dimension.

"Food for Thought"

Sometimes also referred to as “agritourism”, our Agriculture & Rural practice area considers the activities that visitors partake in which are related to nature, agriculture, a rural lifestyle, and similar activities. Usually, these take place on a farm, ranch, or other non-urban settings.

Our Articles featuring Agriculture & Rural

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Covid 19 Redefined Local Food

The Italian kitchen’s characteristics begin at the level of a village and small related areas. The definition of the “DOC” (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) is,

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