Food, it brings us together

News | Food, It Brings Us Together

“Food, it brings us together.” And although we cannot be together right now, we all know the importance and value of sharing a meal. The World Food Travel Association stands...

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Irene Levine

News | FoodTreX Navarra Review

We sat down with Irene Levine, one of the delegates who attended FoodTreX Navarra last month, to ask her what she thought about it. Here’s what she said. What did...

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News | Time to Make Lemonade

TIME TO MAKE LEMONADE 10 Ways to Cope with the Coronavirus Outbreak At London Heathrow today, entire corridors of the airport were entirely void of people - on what would otherwise be a...

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Roberta Garibaldi

News | Community Spotlight: Roberta Garibaldi

Join us as we sit down with Roberta Garibaldi, Professor of Tourism Management at the University of Bergamo, and the author of the Italian Report on Gastronomy Tourism. First off please introduce who...

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