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News | Top Reasons Why You Need to Attend FoodTreX London 2019


Now in its second year – the FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit taking place on Sunday, November 3.

This is the day before World Travel Market begins, for those of you attending that event.

We know there are a lot of conferences vying for your attention. We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why you should choose FoodTreX London on November 3:

  1. New information.  The content is about innovation in food tourism, and NOT a repeat of what you’ve seen or heard elsewhere. Also, the content you’ll hear at FoodTreX will not be repeated at World Travel Market.
  2. New ideas.  New information helps you to think of new ideas to help you get or stay ahead. You need new ideas to grow your business.
  3. Quality networking.  Meet leading food travel industry influencers. Introduce yourself, present your business, create new partnerships.
  4. Intimate setting.  Our goal is quality not quantity. Ticket sales are limited. And in an intimate group, it’s easier to meet the people you want.
  5. Convenience.  Piggybacked with World Travel Market. No need to spend extra money or time on another trip.
  6. Food Travel Matters. 93% of visitors engage in some kind of unique or memorable food/drink experience other than eating out. Don’t be left out of this profitable market segment.
  7. Food Travel is Changing. You can’t just put a list of restaurants on your website or organize a food event.  You need to know who to reach out to, and how to do it in order to be as effective as possible and capture more customers or visitors.
  8. Concurrent Research Summit. This year we’re hosting the FoodTreX Food Travel Research Summit at the same time. Attend both summits for the same price!
  9. Quality Content. FoodTreX stands for “Food Travel Excellence”.
  10. Affordable. While other London conferences cost in the £695-795 per day range, we don’t think quality education and networking should have to cost that much. FoodTreX registration will be less than £395 (+VAT).

Come join us for great information, great networking and a lot of fun! Remember, FoodTreX won’t be recorded so you’ll need to attend in person if you want access to this fantastic content!

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News | Getting Ready For FoodTreX Thessaloniki


Getting Ready For FoodTreX Thessaloniki 

The World Food Travel Association is pleased to announce that its FoodTreX Thessaloniki | Regional Food Travel Summit, will be held on October 7, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in Thessaloniki, Greece.  FoodTreX Thessaloniki is an entire Summit dedicated to the discussion of the development of Food Tourism in Greece.

The Summit’s main organizers are Maria Athanasopoulou from Respond On Demand and Chrissa Krassa from Top Tourism who are certified ambassadors in Greece for the World Food Travel Association,  the world’s leading authority on food tourism.
In its second year, FoodTreX Thessaloniki offers its audience diverse sessions on the development of gastronomic tourism in Greece and how it can be achieved through proven branding, marketing and storytelling practices.  Each session will be presented by prestigious international speakers, along with the keynote speaker Erik Wolf, the founder of the World Food Travel Association and they will share their personal and professional knowledge and experience. A small exhibition of Greek traditional products and private tasting events (Test The Taste) will also be held during the Summit.  All presentations will be in English language. Admission to the public is free of charge, but registration is required.

The program, as well as an attendance pre-registration form may be found HERE.

Sponsors include Ellinair and Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki.

Want more information? Contact Maria at

News | Call for Proposals 2019 FoodTreX London Food Travel Research Summit

The World Food Travel Association is seeking submissions of academic papers for the FoodTreX London|Food Travel Research Summit.

As the world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism, the World Food Travel Association is uniquely qualified to shepherd an academic/research summit of this type. You can learn more about the Association here.

The FoodTreX London|Food Travel Research Summit for academics/researchers will take place concurrently with the FoodTreX London|Food Travel Innovation Summit for the trade on Sunday 3, November 2019 in London. There will be two separate auditoriums, one for each Summit. Student delegates will be free to move back and forth between both Summits without having to pay an additional registration fee for the Innovation Summit

Are you interested in presenting your latest research relating to food or beverage tourism? Applications are now open to all academic, instructors, teaching assistants, researchers, professors and others engaged in researching food and beverage tourism.



News | Community Spotlight: Aashi Vel

Aashi Vel Traveling Spoon

Join us as we sit down with Aashi Vel, founder of Traveling Spoon and co-host of the Association’s Eat Well Travel Better: Business of Food Travel Podcast.


First off please introduce who you are and share with us how and why you got involved in food/beverage tourism.

AV: I was an industrial designer for 11 years designing and developing life-changing medical and consumer products. Helping people, in this case, improving the quality of their lives through devices like a portable liquid oxygen generator or a more effective catheter, brings me happiness. My passion, however, has always been food and travel – in fact, I got my MBA in order to start a food company. A few months before starting business school at Berkely, I traveled to the Yucatan in Mexico. I struggled to find authentic Mexican food amidst the chic but overcrowded, touristy restaurants. On my way to one of these restaurants, I passed by a woman’s home and saw her cooking through the window. That’s when I realized that what I really wanted was to eat with her and taste her authentic, homemade Mexican food while hearing her stories. I started Traveling Spoon to give travelers these kinds of authentic and cultural experiences. It brings me immense joy to have a meaningful impact, not only on travelers but also on our hosts that are enabled to become micro-entrepreneurs, earning an income doing what they love.


Next we would love to know what your company does, its mission, vision, etc.

AV: Traveling Spoon provides travelers with private and authentic food experiences, from homemade meals to cooking classes, in people’s homes around the world. Our mission is to make travel meaningful. We give travelers a chance to see how locals live, eat what they eat and share stories about each other. This I believe is the power of travel – to be able to connect with someone from another culture and feel like you’ve made a friend. Our vision is for every traveler to have an authentic food experience, at least once on every trip.


We are sure that you have many, but if you had to choose just one, what would be your favorite food/beverage travel experience? 

AV: One of my favorite food travel memories was when I visited our host Dewa in Bali. It was a magical experience that was truly the highlight of my trip, and it was about so much more than just the food. I loved walking through the garden which was filled with the most incredible exotic fruit trees and herbs. My favorite moment was when Dewa pointed out the papaya tree in his garden. I looked up and saw a bright, perfectly ripe papaya and asked Dewa what it was still doing up on the tree and why we were not eating it! He responded, “Aashi, in Balinese culture we only take what we need for the day. This morning there were two papayas – we took one and left the other one for the monkeys to spread the seed.” I felt humbled witnessing their deep respect for nature. My experience discovering the regional plants, cooking with the family, grinding curry pastes from scratch, learning about their culture and finally eating the delicious meal (best meal I had in Bali) that I helped prepare made me so grateful to be building Traveling Spoon and providing travelers with these meaningful food experiences.


Finally we would like to look ahead towards the future. Our industry is growing and changing quickly, from your experience and perspective can you predict any food & beverage travel trends for the future?

AV: I’m already seeing travelers explore regions outside mainstream travel destinations and it makes me so excited that people are interested in the unique foods of those regions. New producer tours, from fish sauce making in Phu Quoc to vinegar tasting in the Philippines, will be more sought after. Incorporating more plant-based foods and protein is another trend that I see in the food world which is not only environmentally-friendly and healthy but also more humane. Lastly, of course, more immersive, cultural experiences over food in people’s homes is how I believe travelers will experience food on their journeys!


Forbes: Traveling Spoon is the next generation of culinary tourism

News | 10 Step Guide To Food Tourism Destination Development

Destination Development

The much anticipated 10-Step Guide To Food Tourism Destination Development is now ready. Please note that by “food tourism”, we also mean culinary tourism, beverage tourism, gastronomy tourism and turismo gastronómico. This Guide serves everyone involved in our industry, including destinations, governments, travel agencies, tour operators, tourist guides, and all other small business owners who are vital to the development or survival of a Food Lover’s Destination.

In the Guide, we’ve outlined herein the basic steps you need to follow to either develop your emerging food-lover destination, or to refine the steps that you are already taking as an existing food-lovers’ destination. As you have come to expect from the world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism, the Guide is written in plain everyday language, without confusing tables of data, boring graphs or hard-to-understand terminology. The Guide is easy to understand and implement for destinations of every size, located anywhere in the world.

Download your copy HERE.

News | What Purpose Does a Code of Ethics Serve?

Code of Ethics

Our Association abides by a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. That means that we set the standard of professionalism and excellence by which our industry operates. The Code applies to both professional and personal interactions, and outlines our expectations from our Community.

Anyone involved with our Association is expected to follow the Code. This includes all community members; Certified Culinary Travel Professional graduates; Association staff and contractors; Board of Directors, Advisors & Ambassadors; and our Sponsors & Strategic Partners.

We introduced our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in 2015 in response to demonstrated in the industry to take a stand on professional integrity. Since then, our Code has been lauded by professionals around the world.

Join as a member today and download your copy of our Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct from our Members Area. Make a professional statement and show the industry the ethical standards in which you abide by.

Below are some of our Association’s newest  members, and all abide by the Code:

Alina Giurgiu, Oradea City Tours

Craig Pascoe, Georgia College

Vicent Marottoli, Wine Lovers Tours

News | Association Graduates First Culinary-Certified Tourist Guides

Culinary Certified Tourist Guide

Today the World Food Travel Association announced the first four graduates of its culinary tourist guide certification program:

The Association launched the certification program last month to bring a level of professionalism and excellence to the profession of culinary tour guiding. The Culinary Tourist Guide Certification program is currently offered to European tourist guides who are members or affiliates of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. The World Food Travel Association is actively working with other destinations to bring culinary tourist guide certification to their areas as well.

Learn more about the culinary tourist guide certification program, or get in touch and let us know where you live, and we’ll let you know when culinary tourist guide certification opens in your area.


News | World Gourmet Society Chef Video Competition Applications Now Open

Video Competition

The WGS Best Video Contest 2019 has started

The World Gourmet Society, a strategic partner of our Association, has launched this year’s edition of the chef video challenge. Their “Best Video Contest” is a great way for professional chefs and home cooks to showcase their culinary skills to a truly global gourmet and food lover audience.

Last year 58 videos from 17 countries generated in total more than 400.000 social media views.

You can submit your chef video now!

For more information browse the 2019 video contest page where you also will find some tips and rules about the contest. The global winner of the 2019 contest will be announced during a gala dinner in London.

The 2019 award categories are:

  • Show your personality as a chef (hero category)
  • Most Creative Plate
  • Best Use of Ingredients
  • Best Cooking Techniques shown
  • Honouring Local Traditions
  • Most Professionally Produced video
  • Most Entertaining video
  • Best Social Media response

Browse the videos from the 2018 WGS Video Contest to review the quality of the last years’ winners or check out the 2018 final results from Monaco here.

News | World Food Travel Association is Supporting Make Holidays Greener 2019


The World Food Travel Association is helping to spread the word about sustainable food production and waste management by supporting one of the world’s largest responsible travel campaigns: Make Holidays Greener.

ABTA’s Make Holidays Greener campaign will launch on 5 June, World Environment Day, and will run until the end of September.  After the success of last year’s ‘Say no to plastic’ theme, this year’s theme — ‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ — will continue to address plastic as well as broader waste management, including food waste, across the travel industry.

Make Holidays Greener encourages holidaymakers and the industry to create better places for locals to live in, and better places for holidaymakers to visit.

The campaign, which is organised in partnership with Travelife for Accommodation, is show-casing ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ case studies from the travel industry all over the world. Examples from the food travel sector might include reducing food waste, eliminating single-use plastic in restaurants or innovative recycling initiatives.

Make Holidays Greener also encourages the industry to invite holidaymakers to make greener holiday pledges. There are 15 customer pledges to choose from including ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’, ‘Go meat free’ and ‘Eat local’.  A support-pack with suggested social media activity and a ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ infographic is available at


ABTA welcomes industry case studies from the World Food Travel Association members and encourages them to use their influence to promote holidaymakers to make a greener holiday pledge. For more information please go to