Do you need expert advice in this time of crisis?

RIGHT NOW is the time to plan, for when travel gets back to normal!

We understand that more than ever right now, small businesses, organizations and destinations of all types and sizes, are struggling to cope with the impact and consequences of the pandemic. At the World Food Travel Association, we believe that food tourism is, and will always be, an important way to differentiate yourself from competitors; to highlight authenticity, culture and storytelling; and to stimulate creativity and innovation, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and increased revenue. We are available to listen to your own specific struggles and questions, and provide you with custom solutions and answers that match your own exact needs and requirements.

Business Coaching Session Benefits

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Differentiate your business from competitors

Food tourism is often used as a sustainable and economic way for businesses to differentiate themselves form competitors and/or to diversify their product portfolios.

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Increase Creativity and


The food travel industry rewards businesses and destinations putting energy into creativity and innovation. Not sure how to incorporate them into your business? We are here to help.

Improve Food Tourism Strategies and Branding

We can help you improve your existing food tourism strategies and food tourism focused brands or provide you with a road map and action plan start at the beginning. 

Coaching Session Features

Expert Advice

You'll probably be speaking with our Executive Director Erik Wolf, unless the subject matter requires another member of our extended network of experts on which can draw.

Hourly Blocks

Stay in tight control over your budget. Buy time only as you need it, in one-hour blocks (just like a lawyer or accountant). Your total will never exceed the cost of the time you pay for in advance. And we'll meet at a time you specify - time zones are no obstacle!

Advance Preparation

You send your questions to us in advance so that we have time to prepare and do any research, if necessary. We don't charge you any extra if we need to do extra preparation for our call.

100% Private

Maybe you need answers to some questions before you open the discussion up to all your stakeholders. Our conversation is 100% private, just between us. We're happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement if needed.

Quick Answers

Perhaps you have a burning question or something you'd like to discuss with an industry expert. Don't settle for short answers in the Q&A after webinars - usually they only answer a small part of your question and you're frustrated because you needed more clarity. We're here to help. No need to pay for consulting time you don't need. 

Call Recording

We'll record the discussion for you (no extra cost, and either audio, video or both) so you can refer to it later, or share the recording with your colleagues.

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Tourism & Beverage Manufacturing

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Why Work With Us?

We founded the food travel trade industry in 2001. Since then, we have been recognized as the world’s leading authority in food and beverage tourism. We are our industry’s #1 advocate.

Our Association proudly demonstrates 20 years of dedication to, and thought leadership in, the food and beverage tourism industry.

We have already collaborated on nearly 500 diverse food travel projects and initiatives around the world.

We have empowered all kinds of businesses, entrepreneurs, media, NGOs and governments to leverage the power of food tourism.

Drawing on our years of experience, we know exactly how to help you and your unique food or beverage tourism situation.

Simply put, you benefit from working with the food tourism industry's best.

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