News | Time to Make Lemonade

TIME TO MAKE LEMONADE 10 Ways to Cope with the Coronavirus Outbreak At London Heathrow today, entire corridors of the airport were entirely void of people - on what would otherwise be a frenetic Saturday morning. I estimate there were about 113 people on my flight to San Francisco, well less than half of the normal 266 passenger capacity…


News | Community Spotlight: Roberta Garibaldi

Join us as we sit down with Roberta Garibaldi, Professor of Tourism Management at the University of Bergamo, and the author of the Italian Report on Gastronomy Tourism. First off please introduce who you are and share with us how and why you got involved in food/beverage tourism. RG: I am a professor at a university in Italy, and also…


News | Should Greece Bet on Gastronomy Tourism?

We grew up listening and reading about the beautiful Greek beaches and the brilliant sun of Greece. For many decades, people from all over the world have been visiting Greece to enjoy the unique Greek summer. Photos with sandy beaches and emerald waters travel around the world and are republished on social media platforms every day.…


News | Food Tourism, Gastronomy and Local Cuisine

Article submitted by Maria Athanasopoulou, Certified Ambassador of the World Food Travel Association in Greece and Master Culinary Travel Professional. In recent years, due to my particular interest in food tourism, I have come in contact and spoken with tourism professionals from all over the world. Every day I find that most of them confuse food tourism…


News | Wellness Tourism: Creating Better Experiences, Increasing Revenue & Boosting Brands

Wellness and food/beverage tourism have always run a parallel path, often overlapping. We're pleased to present the following article written by the World Food Travel Association (WFTA)'s certified ambassador Camille Hoheb. Camille serves as the Managing Director of Wellness Tourism Worldwide, which is a strategic partner of the WFTA. This article is reprinted with permission from…


News | Exploring the Land of Spices, Discovering the Taste of Gorontalo

This just in from Amanda Niode, our Ambassador in Indonesia: The Omar Niode Foundation, chaired by Amanda Niode, Ambassador in Indonesia to the World Food Travel Association, collaborated with Negeri Rempah Foundation to organize a food travel program themed the spice route. This program chose Gorontalo, a province on the Island of Sulawesi, that holds rich stories and flavors.…


News | Midgi Moore Talks About Eagle Farts & Alaska’s Food Scene

Hello! My name is Midgi Moore. I am a food writer/blogger and own Juneau Food Tours. Juneau Food Tours (JFT) provides culinary experiences in downtown Juneau, Alaska. Our primary tour, Tour with Taste, highlights the growing and electric dining scene in Alaska’s capital city. We focus on Alaska’s wild and sustainable seafood and showcase it through tastings at Juneau’s top…

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