Certified Culinary Tour Operators

If you need to verify or validate information from our tour operators below, please get in touch with your request. We are not in a position to make recommendations or endorsements, but we are able to verify if a tour operator has successfully completed our training and if their certification is in good standing with us. Our culinary tour operator certification launched in 1Q 2020. 

Øbo Tours
Øbo Tours
Headquartered in Denmark

ØBO TOURS is a Danish incoming agency that services and advises international tour operators and travel agencies. We have an in-depth local knowledge of Denmark and the country’s many and varied offerings and services for tourists. Whether you fancy a classic travel programme, advice on unique accommodation with a special focus on sustainability or a gastronomy-themed travel programme for a taste of Denmark, we’re standing by to help. ØBO TOURS is located on the fairytale island of Funen in the heart of Denmark. Something special about ØBO TOURS is the many close one-to-one relationships we enjoy with carefully selected, specialist suppliers; this enables us to offer tailor-made products for unforgettable trips. ØBO means “island-dweller” in Danish – a pleasant, hospitable person who knows their island like the back of their hand! Hygge, hospitality and in-depth local knowledge are precisely what ØBO Tours is all about. An agency that knows Denmark from the inside, and which, through its advice and products, desires to share the authentic Denmark with the rest of the world. In brief, we’re all about creating the best possible products to give you, our customer, exactly what you want and need. We look forward to working with you. Check us out on Instagram.

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