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Culinary Culture

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Udi Goldschmdit

Udi Goldschmidt

Practice Area Chair

Maureen Littlejohn

Maureen Littlejohn

Practice Area Co-Chair

Mission Statement

This is perhaps our most important practice area, because culinary culture legitimizes the very reason for food & beverage lovers to travel. It is also our Association’s main mission.

The mission of this practice area is to preserve and promote culinary cultures vis-a-vis tourism and hospitality.  We observe and analyze the relationships among gastronomy, culture, and tourism, and advance thought leadership in this area. 

"Food for Thought"

Without culinary culture, there is no reason to travel for food and drink. This concept includes the intersection of our heritage, traditions, and customs with the food we grow, prepare, consume, and share.

Our Articles featuring Culinary Culture

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O sabor do lugar: Brasil

A gastronomia representa o Brasil mais do que futebol e samba Quando você escuta o nome Brasil, o que lhe vem à mente? Provavelmente samba,

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