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Food Tourism Industry Sectors

Food Tourism Industry Cluster

How the different sectors of related industries all come together under the food and beverage umbrella.

Food Tourism Value Chain

Food Tourism Value Chain

How agricultural commodities transform into a value-added culinary experience for visitors.

Infographic: 6 ways to improve food tourism products

6 Ways to Improve Food Tourism Products

Quick tips for destinations to improve their food and beverage tourism offering.

plastic waste

10 Steps to Reduce Food Packaging Waste

Concerned about packaging waste? So are we. Ideas to help you reduce your impact on the planet.

10 Step Destination Guide

10 Step Destination Development Guide

Easy tips for destinations wanting to develop food & beverage tourism.

Bristol Case Study

Bristol, UK: Food Tourism Case Study

How one destination is differentiating itself with food and beverage.

2019 State of the Food Travel Industry report

2019 State of the Food Travel Industry Report

Our free annual report about how our industry is changing. Not to miss!

2019 FoodTrekking Award Winners

2019 FoodTrekking Awards Winners

What moved the judges? Case studies for future awards applicants.

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