We can help you take your food or beverage business to the next level and turn food- and drink-loving travelers into new customers & brand champions.

Your Food Tourism Business Planning Benefits

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Subject Matter Experts

We founded the food travel trade industry in 2001. You can imagine that we have amassed a wealth of knowledge in the past nearly 20 years. Let us apply our knowledge to your situation.

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Impartial Third Party

Often it can really help to get the opinion of an outsider. Unfortunately, your friends and family don't know your industry so they're not the best ones to ask. We know your industry. Ask us for consultation.

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Worldwide, Multi-Industry Experience

The very solution to your problem could have already been found on the other side of the planet! We've worked in 70+ countries. Most likely, we've come across your situation somewhere else.

Business Planning Features

Comprehensive Report

After working with you for a period of time, we will be able to provide you with a comprehensive report and Action Plan.

In-Person or Virtual

We can meet you wherever you like. If budget does not allow for travel, we can counsel you by phone and online meetings.

Latest Business Thinking

What's trending in the business world? We know because we read books and articles by Seth Godin, Ash Maurya and other business luminaries. We apply their ideas to our solid business planning foundation for you. 

Like a Business Psychologist

We're like your business psychologist. We take a deep dive into your business to understand the root of your issue from multiple angles. Sometimes it just helps to talk it through. 

We've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs.

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As part of our Certified Culinary Travel Professional (CCTP) program, we have already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs who presented business plans as their final certification project. While our CCTP program has morphed into our MCTP program, we still provide business planning counsel as needed.

We have consulted new business owners to create their very first business plans, which included identifying the market's problem and their solution, their product's unique selling proposition, target markets, cost & pricing strategy, marketing strategy (distribution channels) and of course, revenue streams.

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We also helped existing business owners who needed to update their existing business plan. Markets change, as do consumer preferences. Costs can increase or decrease, which can affect pricing strategy. We helped these entrepreneurs identify where they needed to change their current business plan, in order to reach for success going forward.

We helped quite a few career changers. These could be people who completely changed their profession for whatever reason. We also helped quite a few university students to decide which career paths to take. Everyone's situation is unique, and our solutions are always unique.

Why Work With Us?

We founded the food travel trade industry in 2001. Since then, we have been recognized as the world’s leading authority in food and beverage tourism. We are our industry’s #1 advocate.

Our Association proudly demonstrates 20 years of dedication to, and thought leadership in, the food and beverage tourism industry.

We have already collaborated  and consulted on nearly 500 diverse food travel projects and initiatives around the world.

We have empowered all kinds of businesses, entrepreneurs, media, NGOs and governments to leverage the power of food tourism.

Drawing on our years of experience, we know exactly how to help you and your unique food or beverage tourism situation.

Simply put, you benefit from working with the food tourism industry's best.

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