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Join us as we present the winners of the 2021 FoodTrekking Awards. Winners (both first place and runners-up) will be introduced along with a short case study about why the judges were impressed with the application. Innovation Summit delegates, Awards winners  and media professionals are invited to attend live. The ceremony will be recorded and shared on the Association’s YouTube channel afterwards.

Wine lovers know all the popular destinations – Napa, Rioja, Champagne, Barossa Valley and more. With fame come higher prices, and now with climate change comes something that is very unexpected. Wine grapes are growing, and thriving, in places like Poland, Bulgaria and China. In the past, few would have thought of taking a trip to these countries for wine tourism. Now, these destinations offer intrigue with grape varietals waiting to be discovered, and much lower prices than the world-renowned destinations above. What can these emerging wine tourism destinations teach us?

Panelists: Zina Sorensen (Bulgaria Wine Tours); Ivica Matosevic (Matosevic Winery, Croatia); Vojtěch Válka (Vinařství Válka, Czech Republic), and Giorgi Natenadze (Natenadze’s Wine Cellar, Republic of Georgia)

Last year at this time, we had hoped that the pandemic would be over by now. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Travel is rebounding, but not as quickly as we all had hoped. So what do we expect the culinary tourism market to look like in 2022? Where will be the opportunities? What can destinations and businesses focus on for the foreseeable future? An important message for all destination marketers, organizational directors, business owners and managers, and marketing professionals.

Presenter: Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association

We have all had the experience where we have tried wonderful food or beverage while traveling, and sometimes we even bring it back for friends and family to try as well. Then we try to buy it in our local store and it is usually not available. Why is that? We will hear from an industry expert in wine, beer, spirits, and export, who will explain why thing happens and what artisan culinary manufacturers and destination marketers can do about it. We’ll look at best practices of some organizations that are working hard to overcome this potential roadblock, and look at various industries across Canada and how they are coping with this phenomenon to benefit their overseas visitors and customers.
Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the fly, try and buy concept and what makes visitors seek those same products at home.
  • Understand the major reasons why travelers have trouble finding their favorite foods and drinks at home.
  • Learn some workarounds that might work for your business or destination when it comes to getting products home for visitors.

Speaker: Janet Dorozynski, Trade Commissioner, Global Affairs Canada

A history of slavery for any nation is a hard subject to bring up. How do we atone for what happened so long ago? We focus on the positive legacy, of course. And an important legacy of the African slave immigrants to the United States was their influence on American food. In this session, we will speak with two African natives (one from Ghana, the other from Benin) who currently live in the US, and who will help us to bridge the gap between histories and cultures to understand the valuable contribution that African slaves made so many years ago.

Presenters: Yorm Ackuaku (Item 13 Podcast) and Adé Carrena (DouNou Cuisine)

No two disabilities are alike, and everyone’s disability is unique to them.  Some may be blind or have low vision, some hard of hearing or deaf, many have different forms of reduced mobility and then there are those who have non apparent disabilities.  But one thing we all have in common is that almost everyone has the ability  to eat and cook and learn the passion behind food.  While having a disability may effect ones’ ability to gain access in all public facilities the one thing most of us can do is eat.  Dining out, cooking at home and food travel are all ways people with disabilities bond with their families, friends and communities.  Creating access and inclusion in food travel will bring more people with disabilities and there are “real dollars and sense” behind it.

Presenter: Eric Lipp (Open Doors Organization)

New Zealand: a country on the other side of the globe and the youngest on earth. It’s known for award-winning wines, rugby, Lord of the Rings, Maori culture and the disputed invention of Pavlova. Food is a major factor in what defines the New Zealand culture, but why don’t many travelers know about New Zealand cuisine? For a country that has incredible produce and international recognition, an important piece of the puzzle bas been missing – until now. In this session, we will talk to a New Zealand food and drink tourism expert who believes the pandemic has created an opportunity for this to change.

Presenter: Sarah Meikle (Wellington Culinary Events Trust)



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