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October 30, 2020

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  • Friday, October 30, 2020

Louise is the owner and founder of London’s Stem & Glory, one of the city’s most popular vegan restaurants. Not content to rest on her laurels as managing a widely popular restaurant, Louise intuitively sought “the next thing” to help her business thrive and survive. She’ll explain her business model, including crowdfunding and other innovative steps she has taken to ensure that her foodservice business will stay relevant – to locals and tourists alike – well into the future. She will also answer the question we are all wondering right now, what is the future of dining out? An important and inspirational message for any chefs and cooks, restaurants, cafes, pubs, tasting rooms and similar businesses.

Speaker: Louise Palmer-Masterton, Founder, Stem & Glory Restaurant (London UK)

Liz will focus on common themes their highly popular food travel channel faces in producing high-quality food and travel edutainment (educational/ entertaining) videos. Topics Liz will cover include understanding and teaching her team about cultural guidelines to follow while traveling; to ensuring the story that is told through food is an accurate representation of the people and culture they are highlighting; to challenges they need to overcome while filming. She will finish with a discussion of how food and travel (specifically, as it relates to their channel) has been impacted due to COVID and the ways in which they have need to pivot since travel restrictions have been in place.

Speaker: Liz Peterson, Channel Manager, Best Ever Food Review Show

No one can predict how to handle a pandemic. It surely came as a surprise to London Borough Market, a major attraction popular with locals and tourists alike. Before the pandemic, 4.5 million people per year visited the market. A new plan was needed to help the Market cope in 2020, and survive into the future. Popular speaker Lucy Charles will take us on a journey from the early days of the pandemic up to and including today. She will include lessons learned and what the Market is doing to stay relevant and survive in these hard times. An important message for public markets, farmers’ markets, fairs, and food and beverage events.

Speaker: Lucy Charles, Operations Director, London Borough Market (London UK)

The pandemic came out of the blue and affected life, business and our industry in ways we could not even begin to imagine. Now that the pandemic is approaching its one-year mark, the big question this year is where is our industry headed in 2021? No tourists means no income so what are destination marketers, culinary tour operators, cooking schools, culinary retail stores and other businesses to do? An important message for anyone with an interest in the future of the food and beverage tourism industry.

Speaker: Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association

The discussion about cultural appropriation is far from over. It is an important topic, and was featured in one of our Association’s recent Food Travel Talk TV episodes. Carol will pick up where we left off with the previous discussion about cultural appropriation in food and beverage products and experiences. She will give constructive suggestions as to what food and beverage service and experience providers can do to “do the right thing.” An important message for everyone working in food and beverage tourism and hospitality.

Speaker: Carol Hay, CEO / Founder, McKenzie Gayle Ltd (London UK)

The idea of sustainability has been around for 20 or more years. So why are we generating more plastic than ever? And especially in the tourism industry, the increasing use of plastic in all kinds of food and beverage packaging, take-away containers, cutlery and more, means that businesses are not meeting their sustainability goals. Now with the pandemic, the use of plastic has increased. But could we actually refrain from using plastic? What are the alternatives? Jo will give businesses of all kinds ideas what they can be doing – to support travel without plastic. An important message for culinary tour operators and culinary tourist guides, destination marketers, foodservice professionals, tasting rooms, culinary events and markets, food and beverage manufacturers, marketing consultants, PR professionals and media.

Speaker: Jo Hendrickx, Founder and CEO, Travel Without Plastic (Spain)



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