We help engage and connect key stakeholders with guided collaboration of ideas, a common vision, and sustainable plans for your destination's culinary tourism future. 

Visioning & Planning Benefits

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Strategic Planning Road map

Visioning and planning are the first steps to your Food Tourism Destination Road Map. Through these workshops we can clearly define the direction of the overall strategy and identify any important issues that must be addressed along the way.

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Connect Stakeholders & residents

When we talk about a successful food tourism destination all of your stakeholders are crucial to its success. That means your government, local businesses owners, and even your area residents. Each one seen as a key player to the strategic planning and overall strategy of the destination.


Opportunity for Creativity

Our workshops encourage innovation and creativity. Through fun and collaborative brainstorming activities our delegates are challenged to dig deep into their experience and knowledge to develop the best ideas and outcomes to the problems in which we propose.

Workshop Features

Dynamic Brainstorming Exercises

All delegates will participate in a variety of professional visionary exercises and activities. Each exercise has been designed with a specific purpose by our destination development team. 

Online or In-Person

Depending on the size and requirements of the workshop, we offer both online and in-person visioning and planning workshops. 

Government Engagement

Governments play a large role in the strategic planning of any food tourism destination. Our workshops can be oriented to cater to area government needs.

Analytical Report

After the workshop our team analyses the information received. We'll provide you with an analytical report detailing the learnings and outcomes after the workshop. Choose to circulate it to attendees or keep private as you wish.

Customizable Length 

Our workshops are customizable to your needs. Common workshop lengths are 1 hour, half-day, full-day or multiple days.

Who We've Helped

Rhode Island Division of Tourism

Food Tourism Visioning & Planning

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Columbus, Ohio

Food Tourism Visioning & Planning

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UNWTO/Basque Culinary Center

Food Tourism Event Planning

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Why Work With Us?

We founded the food travel trade industry in 2001. Since then, we have been recognized as the world’s leading authority in food and beverage tourism. We are our industry’s #1 advocate.

Our Association proudly demonstrates 20 years of dedication to, and thought leadership in, the food and beverage tourism industry.

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