The most comprehensive market research report of the food and beverage tourism industry.

300+ pages of data on food and beverage travelers and their characteristics and behaviors.

Québec is pleased to have participated as a sponsor

"Québec is pleased to have participated as a sponsor in the 2020 Food Travel Monitor. The knowledge it provides will contribute to the improvement of our work in marketing strategies and action plans and it will also allow us to perform specific analysis on culinary tourism which will greatly benefit our partners in the region of Québec and the agritourism sector. We are also very enthusiastic about using the results of the study to discover the characteristics of our clientele in order to improve their next culinary experiences during their time in Québec." 

- Québec Ministry of Tourism

2020 Food Travel Monitor Benefits

cooking class

Develop Better Products

Use insights about what attracts food and drink travelers most to a business (price, ambiance, events, location, trends, etc.) and help to ensure that you stay relevant to your current and potential customers/visitors.

wine lovers

Target Marketing Insight

Armed with knowledge about food traveler behaviors, attitudes, preferences, motivators, and spending, businesses can more strategically target this general market and now, sub-markets of specific food lover types. 

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Improve economic Impact

Justify your new or continued involvement in food and drink tourism to your constituents and leaders by being able to show the economic impact of food travelers from specific major markets.

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2020 Monitor Features

Statistically Significant

Survey sample size (n) of 4500 respondents.

Reasonable Price

Professional, high quality research and analysis for a fraction of the cost of the big firms.

6 Popular Markets

Data and analysis of outbound travelers from the following countries:  Canada, China, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States.

328 Pages + Charts + Graphs

The 2020 Food Travel Monitor is 328 pages, with 22 different sections, dozens of graphs and charts and comparisons with our past research.

Gloria Rodriguez

Gloria Rodriguez

Director, Eat Spain up!

"Quality research on food and beverage tourism is hard to come by. Over the years, the Association has delivered consistent and high quality food and beverage tourism research that has been indispensable to our work in events and communications at Eat Spain up!. The Association also successfully conveys a global and multicultural understanding in all of its projects, which we appreciate, since we’re not located in the USA."

The 2020 Food Travel Monitor covers the following topics:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Methodology & Sample
  3. Key Takeaways
  4. Defining the Culinary Traveler
  5. Defining the Beverage Traveler
  6. Importance of Food to Leisure Travelers
  7. Traveler Knowledge of Food & Beverage
  8. Food & Beverage Activities While Traveling
  9. Spotlight on Beverages & Travel
  10. Non-Food Activities While Traveling
  11. Travel-Motivating Activities
  12. Travel-Motivating Influences
  13. PsychoCulinary Profiling: How Food Lovers Differ
  14. Financial Impact of Food-Loving Travelers
  15. Food-Related Decision Making Before the Trip
  16. Social Influence: How Travelers Influence and Behave with Others
  17. Sharing on Social Media
  18. Personal Values of Food-Loving Travelers
  19. Lasting Impact of Food Travel
  20. Satisfaction, Return Visitation & Recommendation
  21. Focus on Generation Z
  22. Appendices

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