most innovative culinary tourism pivot for businesses

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This category recognizes businesses and entrepreneurs that have been innovative in the face of the recent pandemic. The buzzword in our industry has been ‘pivot’ as we all get creative and find news ways weather this tremendous storm. We want to recognize those business and entrepreneurs who decided to do something different, it may be improving or building your online presence, launching a creative marketing campaign, developing a collaborative community, giving back and supporting other local businesses, launching new products, and designing new ways to bring your destination to local, regional or other food lovers when travel is not possible. Whatever you have done, we want to hear about it!

most innovative food tourism pivot
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Who Can Enter?

Food/beverage tour operators, cooking classes, travel agencies, wine, beer and spirits businesses, food or beverage retail, restaurants, bars, cafes, chefs, food or beverage travel writers and journalists, food or beverage events, and any other business owner who is involved in the food and beverage tourism industry.



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