6th Annual Online Food Travel Summit

The World's Only Online Food Tourism Trade Summit

April 22 & 23, 2020 | 100% Online | €79 Early Bird Pricing Good Until Summit Start!

The Business of Food Travel

FoodTreX Online brings you cutting edge information, tools, and solutions from the culinary travel industry's leading experts... April 22 & 23, 2020 | 100% Online | €79 Early Bird Pricing Good Until Summit Start!

April 22 & 23, 2020 | 100% Online |  Pricing  €79

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Why Attend FoodTreX Online?

Learn from those who are paving their own path in the Culinary Tourism industry.


Hear expert advice from some of our industry’s most influential leaders


Ask our experts your burning questions with live Q & A


Our experts will get you motivated and inspired for the rest of the year


Hear about the latest food travel trends directly from the founder of the culinary tourism industry.


Anna Blaua

Anna Blaua

Riga Tourism Development Bureau (LIVE Riga)

janice ruddock

Janice Ruddock

Former Executive Director
Taste of Nova Scotia (Canada)

Sarah Hach

Sarah Hach

Maine Food for Thought Tours (USA)

Sheree Mitchell

Sheree Mitchell

President & Founder
Immersa Global (Portugal)

mariah gladstone

Mariah Gladstone

Indigikitchen (USA)

Samantha Hardcastle

Samantha Hardcastle

Amore Social (USA)

Karolina FoodTreX Online

Karolina Buczkowska-Gołąbek

Poland Culinary Tourism Association

Richard Bagnold

Richard Bagnold

Journalist & Tourist Guide
Major Foodie Dining Reviews (UK)


When Crisis Strikes: How to Manage a Meltdown with James Blick

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All session times take place in the London, United Kingdom time zone. Convert this to the time where you will be.
Remember, if you can’t make the live sessions, you will have a full year access to the recordings.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"I’m so inspired today-connecting with international food tourism professionals from all around the world from the comfort of #SeekHQ during the FoodtreX Online Food Travel Summit - thank you @worldfoodtravelassn for hosting, and @discoversansebastian for your inspiring heart and passion you give to all you do + experiences you create; @passionfortheplanet for your drive for social and environmental justice; @ollerdelmas for sharing stories + ideas for authenticity in the face of globalization (especially in wine tourism + experiences); and @unconventionalbreakfast for raising awareness to provide experiences for ‘unconventional travellers + foodies."


  • All Access Live Pass

    Attend all 9 webinar sessions live! Ask your pressing questions live to each and every presenter.

  • Pre & Post Summit Networking App [NEW!]

    Connect with other delegates and speakers in our exclusive FoodTreX smartphone app! Only for paid delegates, and only with FoodTreX! Connect before, during and after the Summit! No smartphone? It works in a regular browser too.

  • Webinar Recording Access

    One year access to video recordings of all 9 webinar sessions. Replay, pause, take notes - whatever you want, whenever you want.

  • Key Takeaways Summary

    Short on time? We'll summarize the key points made by all 9 speakers into a handy summary PDF document.

  • Attendance Certificate [NEW!]

    Many of our delegates value an Attendance Certificate. We'll email an attendance certificate to every delegate who attends at least 70% of the sessions. If you don't attend, you will not receive the certificate.

  • FoodTreX London Discount

    A 10% off discount code for the 2020 FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit taking place Nov. 1, 2020 in London.

Please note that free session registrants do not include any of the above benefits.

You must attend any free session live in order to hear it (no recording will be made available unless you have an All Access Pass).


Summit FAQ

Every year we get attendees who work as tour operators, travel agents, tourist guides, cooking class hosts, wineries & breweries, restaurants, food factories, food/drink exporters, etc. We also welcome quite a few destination developers & planners, which includes tourist boards, governments, chambers of commerce and real estate developers. And naturally, a large number of media (journalists, bloggers, & influencers) also attend. Everyone is welcome to attend - there are no restrictions.

Registration is a flat €79. Because of the current situation, we are extending early bird pricing through the start of the Summit (i.e., there is no early bird expiration date). Prices are also 12% lower than last year. Also, no VAT is payable because we produce and host the Summit from our offices in the USA. There are no hidden coupon codes or secret discounts. It's the same low price for everyone!

Not at all. All paid registrations include links to video recordings for all sessions, as well as a PDF summary of the main points made by each speaker. So if the Summit takes place during the night where you are, or if you simply have something else going on that day, you can still get all the great content - on your own time. The only thing you miss by not attending live is the opportunity to ask questions and answers from our speakers.

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