Discover the annual food travel trends! Every year we ask up to 100 industry experts from around the world their opinion on the most important issues facing the food tourism industry today.

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top trends in food tourism

 The report issues and trends that our Association has noticed in the past 12 months.

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looking to the future

We then look ahead to what we think will make a significant impact on our industry and your business in the next 12 months.


international Food Tourism experts

Up to 100 high-level and VIP food tourism industry experts participate by answering questions for the annual report.

Product Features

Emerging Trends

Discover how things like special diets or Generation Z are impacting food and beverage tourism.

Graphs & Charts

Data is presented both qualitatively and quantitatively. We use graphs and charts to convey more sophisticated concepts.

Annual Updates

A brand new report is published every 12 months. 

Concise But Impactful

The full report is only 62 pages but it is packed with great information.

Report Table of Contents

Our State of the Food Tourism Industry Report covers the following topics.

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  • Importance of the Food Tourism Industry Today
  • Assessing the Performance of Food Tourism Providers
  • Considerations for Improving the Food Tourism Experience
  • Key Food Tourism Issues
  • Areas for Improvement in the Food Tourism Industry
  • Spotlight on Preserving Culinary Authenticity
  • Educating Visitors with Food & Drink
  • Nurturing the Development of Food and Drink Activities

An Invaluable Resource

“The State of the Food Travel Industry report from the World Food Travel Association is an invaluable resource for anyone in the culinary tourism industry. As a culinary tourism content creator, the report has helped me understand which direction the food tourism industry is heading and where improvements need to be made. Most important to me is that the report has been developed with input from food tourism thought leaders. From tourism boards, tour operators, and other food tourism professionals, the insight they have shared for the report has made a big impact on how we create culinary tourism content.”

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