How we help you

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Destination Marketers

Tourism offices, regions, ministries of tourism, chambers of commerce, visitor centers, wine regions, beer/wine trails, etc.

Tour Operators

Food tour operators, beer & wine tour operators, whisky & vodka tour operators, gourmet tour operators, travel sellers, and similar businesses.

Tourist Guides

Food tour guides, beer tour guides, wine tour guides, farm tour guides, market tour guides and similar situations.


Academics, researchers, business analysts, destination analysts, destination researchers, government analysts


Media Professionals

Writers, bloggers, professional journalists, broadcasters, videographers, photographers, podcasters, etc.


Professional Interviews


Data & Statistics

Resource Referrals


Chefs, cooks, restaurant managers, food & beverage directors, menu planners, restaurant consultants


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), trade groups, associations, chambers of commerce, membership groups


Cooking classes, markets, tours, sightseeing, retail stores, restaurants, bars, wineries, breweries, sports & cultural activities.


Farms, farmers, agricultural researchers, food or beverage artisanal product producers, farmers' markets

How We Help Preserve Culinary Cultures

  • Regional Roundtables

    Focused regional conversations around food and beverage tourism development, led by our area ambassadors.

  • Online Events

    Not everyone can afford to attend in-person conferences. We provide both options, giving more flexibility to our stakeholders.

  • Professional Training

    Masterclasses, certifications, webinars and speeches to help professionals to grow in our industry.

  • Consumer Awareness

    With our World Food Travel Day and our Culinary Capitals program, we educate consumers about the need to preserve culinary cultures.

  • Leading Research

    Our Food Travel Monitor, State of the Industry Report and Taste of Place series help our stakeholders get a handle on our industry.

  • Recognizing Best Practices

    Our annual FoodTrekking Awards recognize smaller businesses, while our Culinary Capitals program recognizes destinations.