Justifying Food Tourism

Do you need a qualified, third party expert to help you convince your local government or stakeholders of the merit of your food tourism project or initiative?

We have worked with hundreds of tourism offices, organizations, small business owners and individuals to help make their food tourism dream a reality. We understand more than anyone how difficult it can be to convince others of the benefits of food tourism and how those stakeholders can play a part in developing your area's food travel industry. Our experience, network, research, and resources allow us to cater our food tourism pitches to pretty much everyone. Let us help you get past the first hurdle of achieving your food tourism initiative. We're prepared with workshops and other tools gleaned from 20 years of experience in our industry. 

For Local Governments 

Sure, investing in food tourism can generate more jobs and more tax revenue, but it can also stabilize the local entrepreneur and small business environment, which helps to engender a sense of place - the very tenet of what food tourism is all about. Your government leaders will have a lot of questions and even some objections. And - we can say the things you can't.

Deliverables Can Include:

  • Written Justification/Analysis
  • Primary and/or Secondary Research
  • In-Person or Webinar-Style Presentation

For Area Stakeholders

Business owners are overworked and scarcely take the time anymore to consider new initiatives. Local residents are often apprehensive as to what more tourism might do to their area. Is tourism a good thing? What should be avoided? How could we all benefit? We understand their concerns, because we've seen them before in communities all around the world. 

Deliverables Can Include:

  • Written Justification/Analysis
  • In-Person or Webinar-Style Presentation
  • Town Hall Style Q&A Session
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