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How Some Destinations are Coping with Covid-19

Have a look at how some destinations around the world are coping with the current COVID-19 situation in innovative and creative ways.

Failte Ireland

Failte Ireland is making free webinars available to small businesses. Learn more about their “Managing Business in Unprecedented Time” support site here.

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Thailand has temporarily updated their logo to draw awareness to social distancing. See their updated logo here.

Visit Portugal 

Visit Portugal created an emotional campaign called “Can’t Skip Hope”. They created a video highlighting the global situation and re-enforced it with stunning images of Portugal.  To support them be sure to use the hashtag #CantSkipHope. Watch the video here.

Visit Greece

Visit Greece is sharing traditional recipes for everyone to make while quarantined at home. Have a look at the recipe for a delicious frutalia omelette here.

Visit Catalonia

Visit Catalonia has gone all in and updated their official twitter handle to “Visit Catalonia (later, now stay home)”. Check it out here. They are also offering a virtual tour of one of Barcelona’s most popular museums. Go on a virtual tour today.

Visit Indiana

Visit Indiana has created “Your Guide to Low-Contact Carryout and Delivery in Indiana”  and has started selling t-shirts to benefit workers and businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry. Get your shirt today!

Visit Norway

Visit Norway has launched the use of the hashtag #dreamnowvisitlater. Check out their Dream Now, Visit Later posts here.

What innovative ways is your destination using to cope with the current situation? Write us here and if you inspire us, we’ll share your story with our community so that we can inspire others!

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