Find out how food lovers differ by carrying out PsychoCulinary Profiling. Achieve laser precision research & target marketing of food/beverage lovers.

PsychoCulinary Profiling Benefits

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Understand How Food Lovers Vary

People like variety and food lovers are not all the same. Consumers can have up to 3 (out of the 13) major PsychoCulinary profiles, or personas.


Achieve Better Positioning

Discover your area's food-lover profile, what your destination does best, and the exact type of food lover you should be targeting.


Improve Your USP

When you understand your exact target markets more clearly, you can refine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and messaging.

PsychoCulinary Profiling Features

Demographic Analysis

We analyze the ages and generations (Millennials, Gen X, etc), gender balance, family size and more of your destination's food- and beverage-lovers. Then we compare our discoveries with our global baseline.

Psychographic Analysis

We analyze the propensities, activities and culinary preferences (authentic, vegetarian, etc.) of your destination's food- and beverage-lovers. Then we compare our discoveries with our global baseline.

Digestible Research

We present our findings in a report with plenty of graphs and charts that you can share with your stakeholders. Despite the simplified presentation the custom research we perform is actually quite complex. We take no shortcuts to understand your destination's "food-lover" personality. 

Baseline Comparison

We compare our findings for your destination with our global data set of food-loving travelers. Based on this analysis, we can forecast which food- and drink-loving travelers are more likely to be interested in your destination's culinary products and experiences.

What are the PsychoCulinary Profiles?

In our 2010 State of the Industry Report, we analyzed 11,235 consumer food-lovers from just over 100 countries. Our analysis identified 13 major categories, or personas, of food lovers. Food lovers are not all the same. And now we know that marketing the same message to all food lovers is simply not as effective as precision marketing with PsychoCulinary profiling.

PsychoCulinary Profiling

 Learn more about your destination's PsychoCulinary profile so you can start targeting the right kinds of food lovers, not just everyone!

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PsychoCulinary Profiling

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