Causes We Support

We've grouped the causes we support into our Food Tourism 2025 initiative.

It brings together the food/beverage travel trade and food-loving consumers to spread awareness and work together towards solutions to some of our food and beverage tourism industry's most critical issues.

Support Culinary Heritage & Authenticity

We support the ongoing education of food loving travelers to respect culinary heritage and authenticity, and to protect food cultures around the world. 



Nurture Gastrodiplomacy

We support the ongoing education of food loving travelers about the importance of leveraging food and drink to cultivate cross-cultural understanding and ultimately, peace among different peoples around the world.



Reduce Food & Beverage Packaging Waste

We support industry advocates who educate food loving travelers to reduce the volume of food and beverage packaging waste that they generate.

#StrawlessinSeattle #SKYOceanRescue #MakeHolidaysGreener #PassOnPlastic

Organizations We Support

ABTA make holidays greener

We Need Your Support!

Sponsors and partners, please get in touch if your business, organization or destination is interested in sponsoring any of these initiatives or partnering with us on them.

We need your support! If the issues below resonate with you, then please make a free pledge to support them. The more people who pledge, the more influence we will have with the media, corporations and governments to drive real change. And it costs absolutely nothing!

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