News | 10 Step Guide To Food Tourism Destination Development

The much anticipated 10-Step Guide To Food Tourism Destination Development is now ready. Please note that by "food tourism", we also mean culinary tourism, beverage tourism, gastronomy tourism and turismo gastronómico. This Guide serves everyone involved in our industry, including destinations, governments, travel agencies, tour operators, tourist guides, and all other small business owners who are vital to the development…


News | The Secret Weapon for Aspiring Culinary Destinations

While primary culinary destinations may find this article of interest, the article is written largely for the benefit of secondary and tertiary culinary destinations. “We’re a food lover’s dream destination!” “We’ve got 180 different cuisines!” “We publish a comprehensive restaurant guide of the entire area.” “We’ve got a Starbucks.” We’ve heard cries like these time and…


Episode 14: Alison Burgh – Cultivating a Sense of Community

Evarist March is a lover of nature. He specializes in the knowledge of plants, fungi and algae and their usefulness for humans, which directly relates to their use in both traditional or contemporary gastronomy. He is a passionate guide, and admittedly somewhat eccentric, who works mainly in Catalonia. It is here where people interpret the natural…


News | Working to Preserve Culinary Culture in Chile’s Patagonia

Last year, representatives from the World Food Travel Association were invited to Chile's Northern Patagonia to explore the local culinary culture and provide a professional assessment as to the potential to develop culinary tourism in that region of Chile. The site visit includes meetings with local tourism and foodservice representatives, as well as agricultural producers. One…


News | Wellness Tourism: Creating Better Experiences, Increasing Revenue & Boosting Brands

Wellness and food/beverage tourism have always run a parallel path, often overlapping. We're pleased to present the following article written by the World Food Travel Association (WFTA)'s certified ambassador Camille Hoheb. Camille serves as the Managing Director of Wellness Tourism Worldwide, which is a strategic partner of the WFTA. This article is reprinted with permission from…


Episode 7: Bill Baker – On Relevance, Strategy & the Human Touch

Bill Baker's career in travel and tourism started with a domestic airline in Sydney, Australia over 40 years ago. After this first taste of a career in tourism, Bill moved to Australia's Hunter Valley, where his career in destination marketing really began. In those days, Hunter Valley had just ten wineries, one restaurant and no lodging. Today it’s one of…


News | Calling the World’s Best Food Destinations

The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) is delighted to support the first-ever International Travel & Tourism Awards (ITTA) offered by the World Travel Market (WTM), with which the WFTA maintains a strategic partnership. Specifically, the WFTA is assisting WTM and its Awards by judging in the "Best Food Destination" category. With the scale, influence, contacts and expertise of…


News | New Free Toolkit for Successful Destination and Community Branding

Announcing a New Free Toolkit for Successful Destination and Community Branding It's a hard pill to swallow, but the truth is, the world is littered with failed branding efforts on behalf of nations, cities and regions. Developing a sustainable place brand offers tremendous rewards if done correctly. However, these well-meaning efforts often stumble into confusion and encounter…

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