Opinion | Wine – Drinking Greek History

Wine - Drinking Greek History by Maria Athanasopoulou In ancient Greece, wine was considered as a very important product. Its position within the daily diet of the Greeks was significant. Apart from its good taste and the pleasure it brought to the palate of the people, it was important that the wine was considered the medium…


Opinion | Cyprus Cuisine Worth a Look

Cypriot Gastronomy is worth a look! by Maria Athanasopoulou A few days ago, I was in Cyprus for business. Cyprus is a well-known tourist destination. Visitors often speak about its Mediterranean climate, its beautiful beaches and its delicious local cuisine. That said, Cyprus has many unrealized opportunities to develop its tourism further. It is a place with…


News | Maria Athanasopoulou Appointed New Board Chairperson

As of November 1, Maria Athanasopoulou was appointed as the World Food Travel Association's new board chairperson. Maria's ruthless dedication to supporting the Association's mission and her active engagement in the food travel industry in Europe and beyond has made her the perfect fit for the position. "It is an honor to have a dedicated professional such…

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