Taste of place reports

Market intelligence on the world's most important markets for culinary travel.


Currently we have 25 reports for countries all over the world. We produce a new report every month.


Easy to read market research summaries presenting the current situation of the gastronomy tourism sector in different countries.

bilingual as needed

All reports are produced in English. When a country's major or official language is not English, the report is also translated into a second language.


We all have different needs. Some of us are communication professionals looking for new clients. Others of us are academics and researchers. And some of us are business owners looking to expand our customer base with food- and beverage-loving travelers. No matter your need, we created the Taste of Place report series with you in mind.

Choose the destinations you need. A €20 applies for every additional report after the first.

Taste of Place

Taste of place

Report Criteria

Destination Culinary Strengths

How does the destination in question excel with its food and beverage products and experiences?

Destination Culinary Weaknesses

What could the destination in question do better with regard to its culinary products and services.

Destination Culinary Opportunities

What emerging opportunities might benefit the destination in question's food and beverage tourism plans?

Destination Culinary Threats

What emerging threats might hinder the destination in question's food and beverage tourism plans?

Destination Culinary Issues

We bring to light any issues we see as important in the discussion of the destination in question as a gastronomy destination.

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