Ann Wanjiku Roth

Ann Wanjiku Roth was born and raised in the capital city of Nairobi, Kenya. With 47tribes in the country, Nairobi is a perfect center to try out all of these tribe’s cuisines and much more.

She later moved to Mombasa, the Coastal region of Kenya for the hot climate and sandy beaches but ended up falling in love with the spicy dishes and tropical drinks there. Mombasa’s culture is greatly influenced by Arabic, Persian and Indian immigrants and traders over the past years.

She now lives and works in Poland and gets to visit different regions of the country, sightseeing and enjoying the wide variety of cuisines. For a person who enjoys food very much, she finds it hard to have a favorite dish, but the Polish dish, Golabki has captured her heart. She still prepares homemade dishes with spices brought from Mombasa, which brings warm memories.

Her love for food has led her to start documenting it in form of writing blogs and joining an International culinary team.