Ioana Hardy

Ioana Hardy

Ioana is an award-winning marketer, sustainability advocate, food and wine explorer and the Founder of Impacters Group.

She spent many years working in food and beverage multinationals such as Nestle, building and managing brands at the local and global levels. This gave her deep knowledge of local culinary cultures, consumers profiles, food and beverage trends, and the Horeca (hotel, restaurant, catering) ecosystem.

Through Impacters Group, she works with sustainability entrepreneurs (food, fashion, tech, etc.) who are fiercely committed to making a difference but need support with their marketing – to develop an engaging message and to increase awareness.   

Ioana’s culinary heritage is Easter European and Swiss. She loves to immerse herself in the local cultures and flavours and for that, she travels the world with her husband, who is a Swiss Wine ambassador, their two children and Lucky, the most adorable cocker spaniel.

She trains, coaches, and speaks on topics such as marketing for good, sustainability, circular economy and leadership.

At the moment, Ioana is London-based. She sits in advisory teams promoting sustainable goals, is an Ellen MacArthur Circular Economy Pioneer, and is an active promoter of sustainable and circular principles within the food industry.