Livio Colapinto

Livio is a forward-thinking, curious researcher and analyst of food & hospitality. He has worked with, and mentored, a wide range of companies and groups in the Restaurant and Hospitality industry, including Slow Food (IT and JP), EATALY (IT), LA Organic (Madrid, ES), Maison Troisgros (FR), Eli Zabar (New York, US), Mozza Group (Los Angeles, US), One Off Hospitality (Chicago, US), Michael Mina (Los Angeles, US) and Delfina (San Francisco, US). He has assisted international food professionals like Eli Zabar, Michel Troisgros, Nancy Silverton, Oscar Farinetti, Paul Kahan, Joe&Tanya Bastianich, Carlo Petrini, Johanne Killeen, Benedict Beaugè, Faith Willinger, Donnie Madia, Chad Colby, Erik Wolf, Ben Poremba, Manfred Flieser, Corby Kummer. Livio is a certified ambassador in Italy of the World Food Travel Association.