Matthew Stone

Matthew J Stone

Matthew serves as the lead research advisor for the World Food Travel Association. He is also a professor at California State University (CSU)-Chic. Dr. Stone co-authored the Association’s 2016 and 2020 World Food Travel Monitor research reports, and has also contributed to research projects for the United States Travel Association. Matthew’s research has been presented at international conferences and appeared in academic journals including Tourism Management and Journal of Travel Research. Dr. Stone has been quoted as a travel expert in the media, including USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Smart Money, and Asian Hospitality. He is the Vice President of the Greater Western chapter of the Travel & Tourism Research Association (TTRA). Favorite cuisine – Tex-Mex. Favorite drink – Iced Tea or Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Favorite destination for food or drink – Singapore. Where I want to travel for food next – San Sebastián, Spain.