Sandro Scheibenstock

Sandro was born and raised in a little valley in western Austria into a gastronomy family. His father has been a restaurant manager for 30 years now, and his mother is a dedicated waitress for as long as he can remember. His grandmother taught him his first steps into the world of cooking, and especially Austrian and Italian Cuisine. 

After 4 years of apprenticeship as both chef and waiter in Austria, he now has 9 years of experience in professional gastronomy as a whole. He has worked as a chef, barkeeper, waiter, and restaurant manager. After winning the state championship in bartending, he thought of something else to do. He decided it was time to lay it on a bigger region, instead of one hotel and started to work in the tourism office as marketing and event manager.

He loves the culture and culinary ways in western Austria and tries to show them to as many tourists as possible. They are all amazed when they try their amazing beer along with their amazing cheese dishes. But don’t expect to lose weight while your visit.