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We founded the food & beverage travel trade industry. Now we serve our industry's largest network - nearly 200,000 professionals in 150+ countries each year.

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Tour operators, travel agents, tourist guides, cooking class hosts, wineries & breweries, chefs, restaurant owners, entrepreneurs, lodging and accommodations, destination developers, governments, chambers of commerce and real estate developers, among others. Additionally, many media professionals, including journalists, writers, bloggers and photographers, attend our events. And many service professionals too, like consultants, marketers and researchers count on us for quality information and thought leadership. Simply put, you will benefit from working with our industry’s best.

Our events are quality, thought-provoking and topical conferences, summits, and discussions for the food and beverage travel trade industry. At the World Food Travel Association, we choose quality over quantity. Our FoodTreX Summits connect destinations, entrepreneurs and key stakeholders from around the world to focus on the business of culinary tourism development and promotion. We create a comfortable, friendly, and inclusive environment to foster engagement from all delegates. Sponsor a full summit, or a specific session or speaker. Visit page.

What you get: Brand name and logo visibility on Summit web page, in live sessions & in recordings. Additional visibility in marketing materials, social media and PR.

FoodTreX summits

Food Travel talk tv

Each month we invite industry thought leaders, opinion-makers and trendsetters to discuss important topics in a live talk show format. Food Travel Talk TV  has quickly become one of our industry’s most popular informative shows about food tourism, featuring real-time discussions of our industry’s most pressing issues. The show was created by and for the world’s culinary travel trade industry, and inspires us with ways to help each other to do business better. Visit page.

What you get: Brand name and logo visibility on web page and in live show, live pop-up alerts to show attendees, social media, permanent mention on Youtube episode.

Eat well, travel better podcast

Our co-hosts Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association and Aashi Vel, Co-CEO, Traveling Spoon, help our community to become better industry professionals with inspiration and knowledge shared by some of the world’s most successful food and beverage tourism professionals. They meet industry leaders and examine their secrets of success. They reveal the obstacles and challenges they have faced, along with their solutions and triumphs.  Our podcast is for everyone – seasoned professionals, someone thinking about getting into food and beverage tourism, or even consumers with a special interest. Visit page.

What you get: 30-second audio spot within episode and brand name and logo visibility on podcast web page, social media mentions. 

Foodtrekking awards

Our FoodTrekking Awards are a global benchmark of excellence and innovation in culinary tourism from the world’s leading industry authority. Businesses of all types and destinations of all sizes are welcome to enter. Founded in 2016, our awards program was our industry’s first and is today our industry’s largest recognition program. Winners of our FoodTrekking Awards enjoy the global spotlight and exposure to our vast network. Visit page.

What you get: Brand name and logo visibility on awards web page, category page and awards marketing materials, social media.

world food travel academy

World Food Travel Academy is our online food travel learning platform designed primarily for tourist guides and tour operators who want to prove their qualifications, grow their businesses and make more sales. Sponsor a specific Masterclass or a specific Certification program. Visit page.

What you get: Brand and logo visibility in training slides, on web page, and in marketing material, social media.