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Camille Hoheb

Camille Hoheb

Practice Area Chair

Patrizia Bortolin

Patrizia Bortolin

Practice Area Co-Chair

Mission Statement

The mission of the Wellness & Health practice area is to observe and analyze the relationships between wellness, health, and tourism, and to advance thought leadership in this area. 

The wellness practice area is aimed at fostering education among travelers and travel professionals with the goal to partner with aligned associations, observances, and groups to create awareness about WFTA and the Wellness and Health Practice area.

WFTA is available to help destinations build food tourism programs with a wellness focus or wellness programs that have food as their cornerstone. 

"Food for Thought"

A cross between the tourism, health, and wellness industries, “Wellness & Health” goes far beyond visiting spas and wellness retreats. It is travel with the purpose of improving well-being in mind, body, and spirit, as well as promoting positive engagement between people, cultures, and nature. 

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