WFTA Welcomes Bidwedge as Partner

The World Food Travel Association is pleased to announce its new partnership with Bidwedge, an online platform that makes it easy for UK residents to change unwanted cash currency back into Pounds Sterling.

Bidwedge is a welcome tool for UK food lovers who still have unwanted currency after a tasty trip overseas. All one needs to do is to visit the Bidwedge website, enter the amount to convert, hit ‘show me the money’, post the cash and watch the pounds appear in your bank account. It’s so easy to do – and every transaction is insured.

The partnership will involve a range of cooperative marketing initiatives over the next 12 months including sponsorship of the Association’s pioneering Food Travel Talk TV.

“With both businesses focused on travel, the fit was obvious. Plus, our research has shown us that our customers are food lovers and put an emphasis on enjoying local food and food experiences when traveling, so we know they will benefit from our partnership with the World Food Travel Association. We hope they will continue to enjoy discovering new food experiences when they travel.” said Shon Alam, founder of Bidwedge.

“I know from my own experience, and that of many of our members, that coming home with leftover, unwanted currency usually means shoving it in a drawer somewhere to be forgotten. It’s great that Bidwedge is designed for those smaller, unwanted amounts. We’re very much looking forward to working together with Bidwedge to bring more benefits to our members.” shared Erik Wolf, Executive Director of the World Food Travel Association.

Learn more about Bidwedge on their website or on Facebook.

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