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Mission Statement

The mission of the Wine & Beverages practice area is to observe and analyze the relationships among wine, other beverages (both alcoholic and alcohol-free), and tourism, and to advance thought leadership in this area.

When we say “food tourism” – beverages are always included. While wine ranks first in traveler preference, and beer is a close second. Yet all beverages play a role in our industry.

"Food for Thought"

While wine and beer may be the most common beverages throughout the world, visitors enjoy a range of other beverages that include tea, coffee, water, juices, distilled spirits, infusions, dairy and non-dairy milks, etc.

Our Articles featuring Wine & Beverages

Wine - Drinking Greek History

Wine – Drinking Greek History

Wine – Drinking Greek History by Maria Athanasopoulou In ancient Greece, wine was considered as a very important product. Its position within the daily diet

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Wine Tourism Gets an Upgrade

Wine tourism has begun to adapt to the new demands of its ever evolving wine loving travelers. At FoodTrex London | Food Travel Innovation Summit on Sunday, November

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