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Uniting Food & Tourism

Driving Economic Development for
The Food, Drink, Travel and Hospitality Trade

The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) and the world’s leading authority on food tourism. The Association is at the forefront of food and drink tourism development with cutting-edge resources for today’s food, drink, travel, hospitality and media professionals.

What is Food Tourism?

Have you ever wondered what “food tourism” really means? Learn how we define it and how to avoid some common misunderstandings.

Food Tourism Benefits

What are the benefits of Food Tourism? Read on to see how a variety of industry sectors can benefit by growing

Agritourism Speed Limit

Agritourism is one part of the entire food tourism puzzle. Learn more about how agriculture and food are related in a food tourism context.

The World Food Travel Association fosters special partnerships that help spread awareness and the global community impact of our initiatives


We provide cutting-edge education and research for the food, drink, travel and hospitality industries.

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We help grow tourism offices, trade associations and individual businesses into successful, profitable enterprises by leveraging our time-proven tools.

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We help industry professionals connect via a variety of channels.

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We organize and support conferences and expositions around the world to help keep food and drink tourism top of mind.

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Solutions for Industry Professionals

Whether you are brand new to food and drink tourism, or a long-term professional, you need help to do your job. You might need the latest research, an inspirational speech, or a way to generate sales leads and visibility. We offer a variety of ways to help you do your job better.

Why we do what we do

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive economic development by promoting food and drink. We accomplish this with a variety of programs and services; a robust and engaged global community; and ground-breaking industry thought leadership.

What the future holds

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading authority on food and drink tourism issues, ideas and trends. We drive economic development based on the certainty that every traveler must eat and drink.

Where we came from

Our Story

The original organization was founded in 2003 by the Association’s Executive Director Erik Wolf. We remain the world’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to the special needs of food, drink, travel and hospitality professionals.