For Food, Beverage, Travel & Hospitality Businesses

Only about 50% of new businesses survive their first 5 years. Why do so many fail? It’s largely due to a lack of skills or business experience. 

Business owners in our industries typically don’t have the time or money needed to get the very necessary training they need to start or grow their businesses. Who has the time to go back to school for an MBA? Not to mention the cost. And one-hour webinars just don’t go into the level of detail required for long-lasting benefit.

Food & Beverage Entrepreneurism OR Food & Beverage Tourism

Custom Training on Demand

or hold a custom class for 8+ in your location

Food & Beverage Entrepreneurism: Best for people who are interested or working in the specialty food or beverage industry (manufacturers, distributors, winery, brewery, other distilled spirits, etc.)

Food & Beverage Tourism: Best for people people who are interested or working in the travel and hospitality industry (lodging, tour operators, restaurants, winery, brewery, destination marketing, economic development, etc.)

We’ve worked with food, beverage, travel and hospitality businesses like yours for almost 15 years. We’ve seen first-hand the problems you face. We know your struggles and joys, and where you need help.

That’s why we created two accelerators: one for Food & Beverage businesses and a second one for the Travel & Hospitality industry.

The accelerators are suitable for managers, owners, entrepreneurs and others like you who want to start or grow your food, beverage, travel or hospitality business.

Classes last 3 or 4 days and take place either in Portland, Oregon, one of the world’s hottest food and beverage destinations, or we can deliver a custom course in your location. Fee includes daily lunch, beverages, snacks and workbook.


Choose one track (3 days) or both tracks (4 days):

Content specific to Food & Beverage Entrepreneur Business:

Getting your product ready for distribution; distributors & wholesalers (guest speaker); how to get into the big retail stores quickly; warehousing; technologies you need to know; sales secrets; developing content that sells; cash flow; optimizing how you run your business; the art of promoting food and beverage products online; best practices in trade shows and sampling; getting funding-ready


Content specific to Food & Beverage Tourism Business:

Selling “food tourism” to stakeholders; challenges and successes in coupling food and beverage with travel and hospitality; sector-specific product development and best practices; the 13 types of foodies; targeting a global vs. local foodie audience; getting visitor ready; and the new way to work with media and tour operators, and more!


Detailed information about, and new approaches to:

  • Strategy: Running your business 101; the new kind of business plan; budgeting; valuing customer relationships and getting better at sales; and tools and tips
  • Product development: the most recent market research, building the right product, operations and management
  • Marketing: new techniques for digital strategy (guest speaker), building the best website, email marketing, social media (guest speaker), success with printed marketing materials, event production (guest speaker); project management; work a trade show the right way;
  • Management & Operations: customer service (guest speaker), truly helpful software tools
  • Funding: mentorship; crowdfunding; alternative funding mechanisms (guest speaker)

– And MUCH MORE they didn’t teach you in business school or university: real life case studies and success stories, seasoned industry experts sharing knowledge and answering your questions, in class role-playing activities and exercises.

Erik Wolf. Food tourism industry founder and course creator. Highly sought expert and consultant. Nearly 30 years of industry experience. For the course, Erik teaches the core curriculum.

Jessica Truhan. Food & beverage partner manager at DPI, a leading food distributor. For the course, Jessica teaches food/beverage entrepreneurism for manufacturers and distributors.

Steven Shomler. Social media guru based in Portland. For the course, Steven teaches social media strategy and tactics.

Oliver Scott. Financial services and lending expert based in Seattle. For the course, Oliver teaches funding, as well as financing alternatives.

Antonis Anastassiades. Digital strategist and hospitality professor in Switzerland. For the course, Antonis teaches website marketing and strategy.


At the end of the program, you should be able to:

  1. Set up your new dream business efficiently or fine-tune every aspect of an existing business.
  2. Save time and money by avoiding many common business mistakes.
  3. Save time and money by better evaluating existing and new opportunities (service providers, partnerships, offers, etc.).
  4. Improve sales skills and comfort level, even if you’re not a sales person.
  5. Improve skills with the highly complex & rapidly evolving marketing ecosystem.
  6. Develop products that sell better.
  7. Understand the finance/funding space and your best opportunities.
  8. Understand nuances of your industry, and aligned industries, so you can speak articulately about complex industry issues.
  9. Uncover new opportunities by seeing new ways to solve problems, negotiate deals, and more.
  10. Discover new software tools that can help you optimize your business operations.

Content continuously updated to ensure that we always deliver the most current and relevant information.



We’re an educational institution. Training is what we do.
Our business is training you for success in your business.
We draw on best practices from all around the world, not just one area or industry.
Government programs tend to be limited in depth and scope, or usually infrequently updated.
Hour-long webinars don’t usually go into sufficient depth and tend to be focused on 1 subject.


Hundreds of new ideas, tips, tricks and shortcuts
Cutting-edge information – content always updated
Meet new potential business partners
Meet potential funding partners
Certificate of Business Readiness (issued by our organization, a registered 501-c-3 non-profit educational institution)
12 continuing education (CEU) credits


Each attendee receives bonus materials that include the
Association’s Have Fork Will Travel industry handbook,
and access to our Best Practices Knowledge Library (currently 1400+ documents, strategies, marketing plans & much more).

Get in touch at help(at)worldfoodtravel(dot) org to arrange your custom group training today.

Another financial aide resource is this list provided by Travel Oregon (DOWNLOAD HERE). The list provides grant sources that may help you with business funding and/or with tuition for the course. You do not have to be located in Oregon to use some of the resources in the list.

We love helping food, beverage, travel and hospitality businesses to succeed!