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Erik Wolf

Bonus: Live Q&A with Industry's Founder

Apart from the great information your audience will hear, who better to pose questions than the actual founder of the food travel trade industry! We can recommend other speakers as well, depending on your specific education needs.

Inspire & Inform Your Stakeholders

Your stakeholders, such as area government, local business owners, and even area residents, need to understand what food tourism is and how it can benefit both them and your area.  Break through any misconceptions and help them to see the light!

Custom Messaging for Your Audience

The speeches and live training we offer are never rehashed content. Content is always customized to yield the greatest impact. And we're always making updates so what your constituents will hear is always fresh and relevant!

Some of Our More Popular Topics

Crafting a Sense of Place with Food & Drink

Topics include the terroir of food and beverages, developing a culinary culture, what authenticity means, and how to engage your community. Currently our most requested topic.

Millennials and Food & Beverage Tourism

Topics include how younger food-lovers embrace food and drink while traveling, and the demographics and psychographics of younger food-loving travelers. Perfect for product developers and destination marketers.

Food and Beverage Tourism: The Hidden Harvest

An introductory session that is perfect for communities that are new to food and beverage tourism and the benefits it can offer.

Content Strategy in Food & Beverage Tourism

Topics include how to develop website and social media content that food lovers will respond well to. Perfect for destination marketers.

State of the Food Travel Industry

Inspired by research from our Association's State of the Food Travel Industry report series, topics include the most discoveries from the report and the implications and opportunities for today's industry professionals.  Perfect for a general session of special stakeholder meeting.

Grow Your Business with the Magic of Food Tourism

Oriented more to business owners, manager and entrepreneurs. Topics include specific tactics that businesses can be doing to benefit more from outreach to food lovers who travel.

Clients We've Helped Include

Good Food Ireland

Annual Conference

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I Love New York

Annual Tourism Industry Conference

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Why Work With Us?

We founded the food travel trade industry in 2001. Since then, we have been recognized as the world’s leading authority in food and beverage tourism. We are our industry’s #1 advocate.

Our Association proudly demonstrates 20 years of dedication to, and thought leadership in, the food and beverage tourism industry.

We have already collaborated on nearly 500 diverse food travel projects and initiatives around the world.

We have empowered all kinds of businesses, entrepreneurs, media, NGOs and governments to leverage the power of food tourism.

Drawing on our years of experience, we know exactly how to help you and your unique food or beverage tourism situation.

Simply put, you benefit from working with the food tourism industry's best.