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in the food & beverage tourism industry.

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Culinary Certified

Tourist Guide

Get certified that you have the professional knowledge and experience necessary to deliver successful, quality culinary tours. 

Applicants must be a member of a tourist guide organization that is a member of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.

Culinary Certified

Tour Operator

Get certified that you have the professional knowledge and experience necessary to manage a successful, quality culinary tour company.

Eftychia Kalampoukidou

- Efi Kalampoukidou

President of European Federation of Tourist Guide 

"We have all been guiding in our own areas of qualification on gastronomy tours, wine tasting, traditional food markets and taking our guests to cooking classes, but so far with no formal life-long training for our profession in this specialist field. It is a great chance for us all to be trained and assessed by the WFTA and finally become ‘Culinary-Certified Tourist Guides.”

Certification Features

100% Online

All certification training and assessment is 100% online. Watch videos and take assessment from your own computer. No need take time off to travel or pay for costly airfare and hotel.

Diploma (+ Enamel Pin for Guides)

All graduates receive a high quality printable diploma for use in your own marketing. Certified culinary tourist graduates also receive a beautiful enamel pin to wear on tour and show your clients.

Website Listing

With your certification, you also get a one-year listing in the appropriate category on our Association's website. See how it looks with our culinary-certified tourist guides.

Three Hours or Less

The modules, tests and applications can be completed in as few as three hours. Get your certification over the weekend!

How it Works

Signup online & pay.

Upload credentials if required. 

Watch the Masterclasses. Then take the test.

Explore Resources Library if desired.

Complete the online assessment interview.

Graduate and start promoting your certification!

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