Destination Certification

Launched in 2021 to help regenerate tourism. Food & drink lovers are starting to travel again. Certify your area and its culinary culture as a noteworthy destination for food or beverage lovers!

Impartial Third Party EXPERT Validation

As the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism, we are uniquely qualified to assess and certify your destination as a Culinary Capital. Certification cannot be bought; it must be earned.


All visitors to a destination eat and drink. And as the world receivers from the pandemic, every destination will be your competition. How can you best compete? With your culinary culture, of course!


Certification is not just the designation and logo. If certified, your destination can benefit from full-year comprehensive marketing and monthly strategy calls!

Culinary Captials Certification

Do you believe in your destination and your area’s intangible culinary culture and heritage? If yes, then Culinary Capitals is a perfect fit to help your destination develop its culinary resources and visibility. As an Certified Culinary Capital, your area will benefit from:

  • An Annual Performance Report (Culinary Tourism Readiness Index), with discussions about your area’s culinary USP, food systems recommendations and annual benchmark
  • Sustainable food & beverage tourism foundation for your future strategies and work that preserves and promotes your unique culinary culture
  • International visibility as a destination for quality food- and drink-lovers
  • Awareness of your destination’s culinary culture, including traditional recipes, ingredients, and not-to-miss experiences!
  • Cross-sector collaboration with local stakeholders, including business innovation, job creation and increased local pride
Culinary Capitals

Culinary Captials

Certification Criteria

Culinary Culture

Help us to understand the richness of your area’s culinary culture, including unique dishes and ingredients, historic recipes, customs, etiquette, tradition, products with DOP/DOC/etc or UNESCO intangible cultural heritage designations and more. You don't need all these things to qualify. Don't worry - we're happy to help you identify qualifying assets.

Culinary Strategy

What kind of culinary (tourism or other) strategy does your area have? How  does your area preserve and promote its culinary culture(s) and heritage? 

Culinary Promotion

How have you promoted your destination's culinary products and experiences in the past? How will you do so in the future? Not sure? We can help.

Culinary Community

How does your community engage with your area’s culinary culture? Are your chefs, craft producers, bloggers and other influencers actively involved? What kind of support do you have from culinary and other stakeholders?

Culinary Sustainability

Environmental, socioeconomic and economic impacts of culinary tourism on your destination



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