We can help put your destination on the food lover's map, or consult on how to refine your current offering to meet changing consumer demands.

Culinary Placemaking Benefits


Clear Road Map

It can be hard to identify all your food and beverage resources, bring them together, weigh their value, assess market forces, and fold everything into a plan that works. We've been doing this a long time so we know what travelers want and what is likely to work for your destination.


Competitive Advantage

If every destination is a "foodie's paradise" or offers dozens of craft breweries or local produce abounds, then how unique is your destination? We'll help you identify your competitive advantage and USP.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Master plans have a lot of stakeholders - the tourism board, local government, local businesses and local residents, among others. We'll meet with your stakeholders, ask the questions you can't, and devise a plan that works for everyone.

Features of a Culinary Placemaking Strategy

Culinary Placemaking in 3-D®

Discover. Develop. Deploy. It's our proprietary three-step process honed over nearly 20 years. We help destinations understand their situation and help you to devise a plan to woo food & drink loving travelers.

Action Plan

With your private food/beverage tourism Master Plan, we can also provide a Food Tourism Action plan for distribution to area stakeholders.  It's like a summary of your Strategy that you'll be comfortable sharing publicly.

Third Party Assessment

As outsiders, we see things you don't. We can say things you can't. Put your trust in us - the subject matter experts you need for your project.

Worldwide Experience

We founded the food travel trade almost 20 years ago. It's our main focus, and has been since 2001. Allow us to apply our knowledge & insight to your unique challenge.

Custom Destination Research (Optional)

Research is an important component of strategy. Sometimes general food tourism research isn't sufficient for your needs. Let our food tourism research experts conduct custom research tailored to your exact needs.

PsychoCulinary Profiling (Optional)

Just like how two food lovers are not the same, two food-centric destinations are not the same either. Don't use the same selling message for all food lovers. Know exactly who your visitors and customers are so you can meet and exceed their expectations.

Destination Experience Assessment (Optional)

Not ready for a full Strategy? We can deliver a standalone area assessment that you can build on as you are ready. Can also be included in the Destination Food Tourism Strategy.

Stakeholder Training (Optional)

We're the industry experts. Let us train your stakeholders on food tourism - what it is and is not, the benefits, and the opportunities and challenges.

Destinations We've Helped Include

Alberta, Canada

Food Tourism Strategy

Learn More about this Case Study

Bristol, England

Food Tourism Strategy

Learn More about this Case Study

What does a Culinary Placemaking Strategy Include?

Mix and match the services you need to further enhance your Culinary Placemaking Strategy.

Destination Site Inspection

Stakeholder Interviews

Custom Food/Drink-Loving Traveler Research

PsychoCulinary Profiling

Destination Experience Assessment

Creative Brainstorming

Stakeholder Training

When you choose to work with us, you pay for our knowledge & experience, our methodology and business process, our quality control and of course, the World Food Travel Association brand on the finished work.

Download our Bristol, England Case Study

Read in more detail how we helped Bristol, England with visioning, planning, experience assessment, PsychoCulinary profiling, and destination food strategy.

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