Culinary Placemaking

Customized destination development tools and planning that focus on leveraging your culinary culture as your unique selling proposition (USP).

Diversify your offering

Not everyone likes shopping or museums, but everyone must eat. Give every visitor something to look forward to.

Support local small business

These businesses are one of the top reasons food- and beverage-loving travelers want to visit your destination.

Put your destination on the food lover’s map

Get noticed by food- and beverage-loving travelers.

Culinary Placemaking


Justifying Food Tourism

Do you need to make a business case to your local government or board of directors? In the form of a detailed report, we will show the value of food tourism to your area or project, along with a list of benefits your area or project can expect.

Experience & Product Assessments

How do food- and beverage-loving travelers see your business or destination? What do they appreciate? What do they notice is missing? We will show you areas in need of improvement in product development, marketing, strategy and operations.

PsychoCulinary Profiling Research

Find out exactly who your food loving target market is. Our ground-breaking methodology allows for precision target marketing in food tourism.

Creating Food & Beverage Trails

Collection of food or beverage businesses packaged into a cohesive route or trail used to drive economic growth in a destination.

Stakeholder Engagement

We're the industry experts. Let us train your stakeholders on food tourism - what it is and is not, the benefits, and the opportunities and challenges.

Strategy Document

We'll design a sustainable culinary placemaking strategy, with a thoughtful narrative that will appeal to food-and beverage-lovers and include a suitable digital strategy to promote your area’s culinary products and experiences as marketable and sellable attractions for visitors. (150 pages)

Action Plan

With your private food/beverage Strategy Document, we also provide a Food Tourism Action plan for distribution to area stakeholders.  It's a summary of your culinary placemaking strategy that you'll be comfortable sharing publicly. (40-50 pages)


Case Study: Culinary Placemaking of Bristol, uk

Read in more detail how we helped Bristol, England with visioning, planning, experience assessment, PsychoCulinary profiling, and destination food strategy.

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