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The most comprehensive market research reports for the food and beverage tourism industry. Scroll to the bottom for the State of the Food Travel Industry report.

Develop better tourism products

Use insights about what factors (price, ambiance, events, location, trends, etc.) most attract food and drink travelers to a business and stay relevant to your current and potential customers.

Improve destination marketing strategies

Justify your new or continued involvement in food and drink tourism to your constituents and leaders by showing the economic impact of food travelers from specific major markets.

Attract more visitors and make more sales

Armed with knowledge about food traveler behaviors, attitudes, preferences, motivators, and spending, businesses can more strategically target this general market and now, sub-markets of specific food lover types. ​

About the food travel monitor

350 pages of in-depth data on the characteristics and behaviors of food and beverage travelers, 4500 (n = ) respondents, data and analysis of outbound travelers from the following countries:  Canada, China, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States.  New July 2020 addendum includes post-pandemic commentary.

food travel monitor

Top Insights

  1. Defining the Culinary Traveler
  2. Importance of Food to Leisure Travelers
  3. Food & Beverage Activities While Traveling
  4. PsychoCulinary Profiling: How Food Lovers Differ
  5. Financial Impact of Food-Loving Travelers
  6. Food-Related Decision Making Before the Trip
  7. Social Influence: How Travelers Influence Others
  8. Lasting Impact of Food Travel
  9. Satisfaction, Return Visitation & Recommendation
  10. Focus on Generation Z
  11. New addendum just added – Post-Pandemic Conclusions

And more, a total of 23 information-rich sections.


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What people say

"Québec is pleased to have participated as a sponsor in the 2020 Food Travel Monitor. We are very enthusiastic about using the results of the study to discover the characteristics of our clientele in order to improve their next culinary experiences during their time in Québec."
Québec Ministry of Tourism
Food Travel Monitor Sponsor
"Quality research on food and beverage tourism is hard to come by. Over the years, the Association has delivered consistent and high quality food and beverage tourism research that has been indispensable to our work in events and communications at Eat Spain up!"
"The report has helped me understand which direction the food tourism industry is heading and where improvements need to be made. Most important to me is that the report has been developed with input from food tourism thought leaders."
Eric & Amber Hoffman
Founders, With Husband In Tow Travel Blog