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Annual Industry Report

An annual compass for our industry, with qualitative and quantitative data and analysis gathered from food beverage, travel & hospitality industry experts from around the world. Free.

Food Travel Monitor

The world's largest food and beverage tourism research project ever conducted. Includes demographic and psychographic analysis of major markets. Fifth edition. Pre-order for January delivery.

PsychoCulinary Profiling

Our proprietary method to laser target your messaging. Food lovers don't all like the same thing. Same with food-focused destinations. One size does not fit all, so hone your message!

Custom Research

Sometimes research needs cannot be met in a collaborative study. Maybe you need to ask more questions, or you need more sophisticated analysis. No one understands better than us the specific nuances of researching food and beverage tourism.

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Culinary Destination Development

We've helped hundreds of destinations just like yours to realize their food tourism potential.

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