Ambassador Program

Be part of something bigger. Become a Certified Ambassador of our Association in your local area.

Visibility in Your Area

Use of the official "Certified Ambassador" or "Junior Ambassador" titles, depending on your qualifications.


Work together to hold events, seminars, webinars, or training for professionals in your area.

Knowledge Exchange

Monthly Ambassador meetings to facilitate knowledge exchange among all Ambassadors across the world.

Ambassador DUTIES

Certified ambassadors of our Association perform any or all of the following tasks:

  • Serve as a liaison between our organization and the food, beverage, tourism and hospitality industries in your area
  • Distribute news and other information from our organization in your area. News and information may need to be translated before distribution.
  • Serve as a contact between our Association and media in your area.
  • Gather information about the culinary culture in your area and share it with our Association. We will post newsworthy articles on our website and share on social media.
  • Identify and support gastronomy tourism development projects in your area, as well as ways for our organization to assist with the development of said programs.
  • Explore holding a FoodTreX Regional Food Travel Summit in your area.
  • Explore holding a seminar or training webinar for professionals in your area.

Questions? Read the FAQ.

Who Are our Ambassadors?

Our Certified Ambassadors support our mission of preserving and promoting culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism and they play an important role as connections between the Association and local areas around the world. All Ambassadors are experienced and qualified professionals who have proven that they are passionate about spreading the awareness and visibility of their local culinary culture to the rest of the world. They work hard to foster collaborations and identify impactful synergies between the private and public sectors of their area and the Association.

Our certified ambassadors are the best connection between our Association and your local area.  Follow the link below to our team page and select Certified Ambassadors and/or Junior Ambassadors. There you’ll find different ways to contact any Ambassador you choose. You can also get in touch with us if you would like an introduction to a specific Ambassador.

You can also visit our Team page here to view full profiles of all our ambassadors.

Ambassador benefits

Certified ambassadors of our Association enjoy the following benefits during your term:

  • Monthly Ambassador meetings hosted by industry founder Erik Wolf to facilitate knowledge exchange among Ambassadors.
  • Use of “ambassador” and “certified ambassador” (or “junior ambassador”) titles in all of your social media properties.
  • Listing in the Ambassador section of the team page on our website.
  • Access to our private ambassador group in GastroTerra.
  • Access to our ambassador team collaboration tools. 
  • Complimentary upgrade to from regular to Ambassador level membership on our World Food Travel Market platform.
  • Sliding scale discounts on Association products and services.
  • Media referrals for interviews.
  • Opportunities to represent the Association in an official capacity (speaker at trade shows and conferences; media interviews).
  • Opportunity to work together to plan a FoodTreX Regional Food Travel Summit in your area.
  • Opportunity to work together to hold a seminar, webinar, or training for professionals in your area.

Ambassadors who lose their status, or who resign, or who let their memberships expire, will lose access to all the above benefits. Questions? Read the FAQ.

How to become an Ambassador

We created the Ambassador program to serve as an important leadership step within our Association. This is the Ambassador advancement path:

1. Any individual interested in serving as an Ambassador must first be a premium member on either our GastroTerra membership community or on our World Food Travel Market platform. Then contact us and let us know you are interested in becoming an Ambassador. (We also recommend that you become active in our GastroTerra community to demonstrate your interest.)

2. If we notice your passion for our community, we may invite you to enroll in the required ambassador training, at no extra cost to you. Ambassadorship is invitation-only.

3. When you pass the ambassador training, you will begin enjoying your Ambassador benefits immediately.

"Many of our members want a clear career development path within the World Food Travel Association and an opportunity to promote their area's culinary culture to the world. Our Ambassador program does exactly that."

erik wolf, executive director, world food travel association

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