Episode 1: Ari Weinzweig – Sweat the Details

Episode 1: Ari Weinzweig – Sweat the Details
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Ari Weinzweig is Co-Founder of the Zingerman's family of companies, which include a delicatessen, bakery, catering operation, family restaurant, Korean restaurant, creamery, coffee store, candy store and a professional hospitality training arm. Ari had no idea the company would grow so large when the original deli opened back in 1982. Now, 35 years later, the Zingerman's companies are a true visitor destination in Central Michigan (USA). Ari talks about how everything got started, his vision, and why sweating the details is important.

In this episode you'll learn:

  1. How to "just do it" and follow your dream
  2. Why it takes patience when growing a business
  3. Why it's important to listen to your customers
  4. What visioning is and why it's key to your business success

Discussed in this episode: Ari Weinzweig's books