In this episode #35, we speak we speak with Camille Hoheb, the founder of the wellness tourism industry and President of Wellness Tourism Worldwide, (WTW). WTW is an award-winning strategic consultancy specializing in development, strategic planning and partnerships in wellness tourism. Interestingly, her path to wellness tourism was borne of crises. Firstly with Hurricane Katrina and then later, with the Global Financial Crisis. Each event propelled her further toward what she knows best: wellness and tourism. Today, Camille travels the world working with tourism offices, governments, NGOs and private businesses to help them maximize the return on their wellness tourism investments.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should not fear change
  • How dramatic negative life events can have life-changing positive effects
  • How spas are just a very small part of “wellness tourism”
  • Why consumers need to be aware of ‘wellness washing’
  • Why food is a cornerstone of wellness
  • Why you should strive to leave a legacy

Discussed in this episode:

Wellness Tourism Worldwide

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