News | Chile Program Helps Protect Indigenous Food Cultures

News | Chile Program Helps Protect Indigenous Food Cultures

This just in from our Ambassador-in-Training in Chile, Dalma Díaz Pinto:

In March 2017, Dalma asked for the World Food Travel Association’s support for a project called “Ambassadors of the Coastal Edge of the Region of the Lakes”. This initiative spearheaded by Chile’s Bordemar Foundation was designed to help protect the local area’s cultural and gastronomic heritage, and also to highlight the important role in promoting local traditions by the women fishermen of Los Lagos, a beautiful regional tourist destination at the northern edge of Patagonia. Now, a year later, the project is complete, and the result is impressive.

You can watch the four documentaries as follows (in Spanish with English subtitles):

Cristina Nempu, Caleta San Pedro. Purranque, Province of Osorno

Rosita Romero, Quenuir. Maullín, Province of Llanquihue

Gladys Barría. Chepu, Ancud. Province of Chiloé

Irene Subiabre and Fresia González. Caleta El Manzano. Hualaihué. Province of Palena

The project was financed by 2% Culture 2017 fund from the Los Lagos (Chile) regional government.

The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) supports every destination that seeks to preserve and promote its culinary heritage. Research that our Association has conducted over the years continues to prove that authenticity is the number one motivator for visitors to choose one destination over another. Working with the indigenous peoples of a region is one of the most authentic ways to develop and promote a local culinary culture.

We applaud Dalma and her region for having the foresight to take the initiative and also the commitment to bring this project to fruition. Congratulations!