Evarist March – See You in the Wild

Evarist March is a lover of nature. He specializes in the knowledge of plants, fungi and algae and their usefulness for humans, which directly relates to their use in both traditional or contemporary gastronomy. He is a passionate guide, and admittedly somewhat eccentric, who works mainly in Catalonia. It is here where people interpret the natural environment and make the connection between (gastronomic) culture, its origins, place and people. Evarist loves to be surrounded by crazy cooks, naturalists and lovers of life.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to have a connection to the food you eat.
  • How nature can inspire cuisine.
  • Why it’s important to preserve endemic culinary cultures.
  • Why it’s important to dream about your potential.
  • How take inspiration from others to help you follow your own path.
  • How to stay competitive when the price of products keeps going down.

Discussed in this episode:

His company NaturalWalks