Javier Albarracin – Halal Isn’t Just About Religion

In this episode, Halal food and travel expert Javier Albarracin, based in Barcelona, talks about Halal travel and how it’s not a trend, but it’s the preference of 1.6 billion consumers around the world. He shares why Halal isn’t just about religious preferences and why it is an important concept to understand by foodservice professionals. He also recounts his views on how food and drink can be used to build bridges between disparate cultures.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How people take their own behaviors and preferences with them when they travel.
  • Why special diets are here to stay. The preference for Halal is growing quickly, even among non-Muslims.
  • Halal isn’t just about religious preferences, it’s also a way to guarantee the origin of foods and protect food safety
  • Why it’s so hard to reproduce a taste of place after you’ve traveled home from the place
  • How gastronomy and music are two universal languages
  • How gastronomy can build bridges

Discussed in this episode:

Javier’s company: Barcelona Halal Services