James Blick – Build Your Team to Build Your Business

In this episode #26, we speak with James Blick, co-founder of Devour Tours headquartered in Madrid. James is a Kiwi who moved to Spain after falling for a Spanish girl. As soon as James arrived in Spain, he left his advertising career and reinvented himself as an expert on all things Spanish. His path led to co-founding Devour Tours, as well as the creation of Spain Revealed, a popular YouTube channel with 350,000 monthly views that helps people to learn how to experience Spain like locals. His passion is to help people to travel deeply and memorably.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between authentic food and good food, and why you don’t necessarily need to have both or offer both at the same time.
  • Ways to minimize “overfoodtourism”
  • How the act of sharing food or drink together is an accelerator for friendships
  • How speaking directly can be so powerful
  • Why it is in your best interest to just launch your product or business, even before it is perfect

Discussed in this episode:

Devour Tours

Spain Revealed YouTube Channel