Heidi Yu Spurrell – Keep Learning Every Day

In this episode #31, we speak with Heidi Yu Spurrell, the Managing Director of Food Made Good in Hong Kong. While Heidi comes from a foodservice family, she didn’t get into working in food herself until relatively recently. Heidi graduated with a degree in photography from art school in London. She then taught English in Rome and Tokyo, where she met her husband. They moved around a bit, to Hong Kong, and then back to Europe. It was hard being a trailing spouse, and Heidi needed something that would fit into her family’s travel schedule, and also suit the needs of her children. She decided to pursue a Masters in Food Policy, which provided a foundation to where she is now, working in food and sustainability.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you should never reveal too much too soon in business
  • Don’t be afraid to pivot in a new career direction when the time is right for you
  • Why you should ask what others want from you before you start a new project
  • Why we eat less than 0.5% of Earth’s plant species
  • How food and sustainability are inextricably linked

Discussed in this episode:
Food Made Good Hong Kong
Sustainable Restaurant Association