Global Summit

April 28-29, 2022 | 100% Online

Theme: "Culinary Travel in a Post-COVID Era"


This Year's Theme

Culinary Travel in a Post-COVID Era

Over the course of two days, 12 speakers will deliver 12 sessions and tackle the most pressing issues facing our food & beverage tourism (a.k.a. culinary tourism and gastronomy tourism) industry. FoodTreX Global is suitable for destination marketers, organizations, business strategists and managers, entrepreneurs, and other key stakeholders in the extended food and beverage tourism industry. FoodTreX Global is 100% online.

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Speaker: Erik Wolf (USA/Spain)

World Food Travel Association Executive Director and Culinary Tourism Industry Founder Erik Wolf will offer opening remarks to set the tone for this year’s FoodTreX Global Summit.

Speaker: Manu Reyes, PAPAKAPE Cafe (Philippines)

Manu Reyes owns Papa Kape coffee shop in Manila. What started as a typical pivot at the start of the pandemic, has become the vibrant heartbeat of the community. Popular with locals and visitors alike, Manu’s café has not just given life to the neighborhood, it launched a new career and met many of the community’s needs. Despite his raving success, he has turned down all offers for expansion, but why? Manu will share his inspiring story.

Practice Area(s): #culinary, #culture, #sustainability, #agriculture, #rural

Speaker: Ewan Henderson (Scotland)

To show their support of Ukraine and voice their unhappiness with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, consumers everywhere are boycotting Russian products. Yes, that means pouring out Russian vodka in the streets. A boycotting solution may not be so simple, it seems. Many of the so-called Russian vodkas are actually made in other countries. The manufacturers capitalize on the Russian reputation as the world’s best vodka producer, which now is clearly backfiring. What are artisanal spirits producers to do? We’ll hear thoughts – and solutions – from one of the world’s most renowned professionals from the spirits industry.  

Practice Area(s): #wine, #beverages, #culinary, #culture

Speaker: Ulpa Chauhan, Beyond Bamboo Global (UK)

Waste and shortage, two opposite extremes of food and beverage supply. Short supplies mean no products for tourists to enjoy. We can make a difference in reducing waste and shortages through our buying decisions whilst also contributing to the three bottom line goals of People, Planet and Profit. A TedX speaker, Ulpa will present why thinking in a circular supply chain is key to success and the expected benefits. It’s time to take action and play our part.

Practice Area(s): #sustainability

Speakers: Marie-Claude Vidal, Destination Sherbrooke (Canada)

Sherbrooke is at an interesting – and challenging – crossroads in the province of Quebec. Technically in French Canada, it’s a stone’s throw from both English-speaking Ontario and the US border. The major cultures to balance are English, Quebecois and French. Connecting all these cultures is challenging to say the least, but it all comes together beautifully in Sherbrooke. Marie-Claude will explain how she manages so many major cultural influences in her food tourism marketing.

Practice Area(s): #culinary #culture

Speaker: Dylan Thuras

We have always said here at the World Food Travel Association that food- and beverage-lovers seek a memory, not just a meal. We are inherently explorers. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you will be thrilled to get your hands on a copy of Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide, the authoritative guide to the world’s obscure culinary products and experiences. The book was published just last October, Dylan Thuras, co-founder of Atlas Obscura, and co-author of the book, will share his inspiration for the book and his thoughts on why preserving and promoting culinary culture is absolutely essential for wooing travelers both today – and tomorrow.

Practice Area(s): #culinary, #culture

Speakers: Gabriel Malvar, The Extra Mile Productions (Philippines)

Gabriel is the multi-awarded documentary film producer and director behind the “Know Your North” short marketing videos for Victory Liner, a motorcoach company in The Philippines. However, rather than trying to drive revenue, the company hired Gabriel to tell the stories of the locals, including their stories about culinary culture. Gabriel will introduce the campaign and its unique impact on local and international tourism to the Philippines.

Practice Area(s): #sustainability, #culinary, #culture, #rural, #agriculture

Speaker: Chantal Cooke (United Kingdom)

Visitors today are voting with their wallets. Faced with a choice of two restaurants, with all things being equal, more consumers will opt for the more sustainable restaurant, that is, if the restaurant’s sustainability choices are clear. That said, restaurants are just one part of the overall destination’s image. A great, sustainable foodservice offering will fail in a destination that does not recycle, for example. Chantal will discuss the foodservice-tourism office link and give real world examples as to how the two can work together in harmony for synergistic effects.

Practice Area(s): #sustainability, #agriculture, #rural, #culinary, #culture

Speaker: Alejandra Espinoza (Ecuador)

You may have heard, or even experienced, that nothing is business as usual anymore. That is definitely true for the foodservice industry. Supply chain bottlenecks, skyrocketing food prices, labor shortages, and other major challenges are making it harder than ever to run a restaurant or other foodservice outlet right now. But there is hope! Alejandra runs Somos Restaurante in Quito. She has successfully navigated the waters of new reasons to source locally, new curation of the culinary experience, and her team’s career development and worker satisfaction, among other new considerations.  Alejandra will share what has changed in the foodservice industry, along with her thoughts on what restaurant dining will mean to a new generation of food-loving travelers.

Practice Area(s): #culinary, #culture, #agriculture, #rural

Speaker: Rodrigo Pacheco (Ecuador)

Did you realize that food has the power to restore ecosystems and reconnect cultures? That is “regenerative gastronomy” at its simplest level. Rodrigo’s work has gotten the attention of Michelin Chef Joan Roca, and Netflix as well. Rodrigo will introduce the concepts to you and offer ways that you can introduce this approach in your area and reconnect diners with the sources of the foods they enjoy.

Practice Area(s): #agriculture, #rural, #sustainability

Speakers: Roberta Garibaldi (Italy)

The wine tourism experience of yesteryear is now passé. Guided visits and tastings no longer fully satisfy travelers who wish to experience a destination’s wine culture. The pandemic has forced wineries to be more creative with new experiences, establish new partnerships and find new targets. Sustainability has also impacted the choices wine-loving travelers make, from the wineries they visit to the wines they bring back home with them. Roberta will talk about the new needs and expectations of wine-loving travelers and offer suggestions how to develop these types of offerings.

Practice Area(s): #wine, #beverages, #technology, #sustainability

Speaker: Erik Wolf (USA/Spain)

World Food Travel Association Executive Director and Culinary Tourism Industry Founder Erik Wolf will offer closing remarks to wrap up some of the key learnings from this year’s FoodTreX Global Summit.



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