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April 27-28, 2022 | 100% Online

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Content below is for the 2021 FoodTreX Global Summit Stay tuned for 2022 Speakers & Sessions

Sustainability in Food & Beverage Tourism

Over the course of two days, a total of 16 speakers will deliver 12 sessions and tackle the most pressing issues of environmental, socioeconomic and economic sustainability to destinations, organizations, business strategists and managers, entrepreneurs, and other key stakeholders in the extended food and beverage tourism industry. FoodTreX Global is 100% online.


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  • Thursday, April 15
  • Friday, April 16

Speaker: Erik Wolf (USA/UK)

World Food Travel Association Executive Director and Culinary Tourism Industry Founder Erik Wolf will offer opening remarks to set the tone for this year’s FoodTreX Global Summit.

Speaker: Johanna Mendelson Forman (USA)

When you hear the term “gastrodiplomacy” do you think of fancy state dinners? Well, that could be part of it, but in the food and beverage tourism field, we look at it more as a way for travelers and locals to get to know each other through food. One of the world’s foremost experts on gastrodiplomacy will explain what the terms means and what hospitality professionals need to know to fine-tune their product development and marketing planning.

Speaker: Gabriel Laeis (Germany)

Many of us love to travel for food and drink, while other travelers simply don’t care that much about it. Yet, there is an economic and sociocultural cost to consider when local food is – or is not – involved in the visitor experience. And when you look at it more closely, the visitor experience is actually a self-perpetuating system that often does not allow visitors to experience adequately and genuinely the local culinary culture. Then local food and drink become compartmentalized in an often unwanted or ignored aspect of visitor experience. For some, the local food and drink experience can even come across as neo-colonialist. Gabriel will discuss the challenges above, and offer solutions what tourism businesses and destination marketers can do to create better products and overcome situations like this.

Speaker: Tanja Arih Korosec (Slovenia)

The growing increasing interest in sustainability issues by consumers and travelers alike has also dramatically increased interest in apitourism, or traveling to learn about bees, their care and of course their honey. Did you know that without bees, humans could not survive? Tanja will talk about the steps her destination has implemented in this interesting new niche. She will discuss best practices in the beekeeping and honey tourism experience, including beekeeper certifications of excellence for the visitor experience and the types of products and experiences that bee- and honey- loving visitors enjoy. She will finish by addressing how to safely integrate visits to apiaries as an integrated part of the experiences offered to food and farm-loving visitors.

Speakers: Yvonne Maffei (USA) and Soumaya Hamdi (UK)

Many non-Muslims simply don’t understand Halal food, which is not just a synonym for  Middle Eastern food. Halal food goes well beyond corner takeaway as well. And in fact, most of the street food in Southeast Asia is already Halal.  So what is halal? From a culinary (not religious) perspective, how is it different from Kosher cuisine? How can service providers meet the needs of Muslim travelers who love good food and drink? Do local recipes need to be altered to appeal Muslim food lovers? Yvonne and Soumaya will discuss these issues and answer your questions to capture this massive outbound travel market.

Speaker: Jeff Fromm (USA)

In today’s noisy market where savvy consumers have instant access to nearly everything, quality products and services are no longer enough to differentiate your company or organization (i.e. your brand) from the competition. In this talk, Jeff will teach you how to look at the roles of purpose and sustainability through the lens of innovation, and how to apply new models to your culinary tourism business or culinary destination to drive new growth.

  • Understand the meaning of brand purpose why this is matters in today’s marketplace
  • Improve customer loyalty, drive revenue and differentiate your brand
  • Barriers to Gen Z trust of your brand
  • Leave with innovative strategies—grounded in research—to immediately influence the purchasing decisions of modern consumers
  • Discover how we are in the first inning of a new era where brands integrate sustainability into their business models.
  • See how travel and culinary exploration are merging


Speakers: Tracy Berno (New Zealand) and Gabriel Levionnois (New Caledonia)
Food lovers travel to experience local foods. And if we discover new ingredients, then we can claim bragging rights among our friends and family back home. But what are the economic and sociocultural impacts when ingredients become too popular? Two experts in the field will speak on this topic and use case studies from the South Pacific to illustrate their points.

Speaker: Julián Bermúdez (Spain)

As the world grows increasingly smaller through transportation and technology, so have our food systems become increasingly threatened from a variety of outside sources. In this deep-dive discussion, Julian will focus on the sociocultural and economic changes that have been affecting our local foodservice and hospitality systems, and offer solutions to practitioners how to manage these changes and take steps to achieve better sustainability in tourism and improve the quality of life in local communities. He will finish with a checklist that businesses of all kinds can use in their future planning.

Moderator: Chantal Cooke (UK)
Guests:  Shivya Nath (India) and Zac Lovas (USA)

The number of people who follow special diets of any type (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut free, etc.) is skyrocketing. What does this mean for destination marketers? Moderating the panel is Chantal Cooke, a radio personality from the UK. Panelists include Shivya Nath, a bestselling author and sustainability advocate, who is also a vegan, and also Zac Lovas, who is highly respected in the industry as a major advocate of veganism and vegan travel.

Speaker: Fabio Parasecoli (USA/Italy)

What do the fashionable food hot spots of Cape Town, Mumbai, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, and Tel Aviv have in common? Despite all their differences, consumers in each major city are drawn to a similar atmosphere: rough wooden tables in postindustrial interiors lit by Edison bulbs. It may look shabby and improvised but it is all carefully designed. It may romance the analog, but is made to be Instagrammed. This is “Global Brooklyn,” a new transnational aesthetic explored in a new book edited by Professor of Food Studies Fabio Parasecoli and Polish Academy of Sciences researcher Mateusz Halawa. In this session, Fabio will discuss the inspiration to explore this sociocultural phenomenon, and offer a few conclusions from his book. A must attend for anyone wanting to understand better the challenge between preservation of local culture and evolving consumer demands.

Speakers: Elena Viani (Italy) and Fabio Sacco (Italy)

Destination marketing organizations want the best for their areas. More often than not, they have sustainability in mind. However, encouraging the area’s businesses to go 100% plastic-free is easier said than done. In this session, our speakers will talk about the Italian ski region of Pejo, and how they managed to help the destination’s foodservice outlets (and hotels, and tour operators, and more) to go 100% plastic-free.

Speaker: Erik Wolf (USA/UK)

World Food Travel Association Executive Director and Culinary Tourism Industry Founder Erik Wolf will offer closing remarks to wrap up some of the key learnings from this year’s FoodTreX Global Summit.



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